Powering the YAGH via a 12V power supply

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For those of us taking the Panasonic GH4 to the next level we need to introduce the YAGH, this allows professional connections for sound, video and power. We also discovered that the YAGH does not come with any mains power supply so in order to use it you will need to buy an external 12V power supply.

I have done a ton of research via the internet and many emails to Panasonic to finally come up with the definitive answer, unfortunately no one in Panasonic could give me any info other than 12v 1.5A which I already knew.


Why all the fuss…Firstly when I reported my findings to Hawk-Woods they needed to know if the YAGH had a regulator built in, this is for 2 reasons…

1. YAGH with regulator will stop your GH4 overloading and frying.

2. YAGH without regulator means your 12V adapter needs to have a regulator built in making it more expensive but safer.

Now talking to Hawk-Woods the YAGH will indeed have a regulator built in to switch the voltage down from 12V to 7.2V to feed the camera itself but if you want a belt and braces approach its recommended to ask for a 12V power adapter with a 1.5A power regulator this keeps your 12V battery at a constant 12V as most professional L-ion 12V batteries can produce up to 18V and having a switching regulator protects the camera from frying should your 12V external battery develop a fault.


With Hawk-Woods massive input we discovered the GH4 on its own draws 6W and looking over the YAGH the most it will draw and this is very conservative we recon between 3-4 watts making a total of 10W of power consumed.

The Hawk-Woods BPU power adapter has a 1.5A high efficiency switching regulator allowing up to 18W of power the same regulator used to externally power the Canon C300, so if you apply a GH4/YAGH at 10W the regulator has 8W to spare.


Why did I choose the BPU battery…size, it’s the smallest 12V battery on the market and thats important if you plan to use the GH4/YAGH independently off the tripod. Although I have a few “V” lock batteries they are far too big and cumbersome to use with such a small camera.

The Hawk-Woods solution at £140 also comes with a 2m 4pin power cable allowing you to rest the power adapter on the ground if using the YAGH on a tripod.

Due to its cumbersom construction the GH4/YAGH will not adapt well to present GH3 rigs as the YAGH takes up too much room but no doubt someone is working on one, I hope to avoid a rig which is why I got Hawk-Woods to design this PSU with a 2m extension cable.

The battery itself is a BP-U84 14.4V made by Sony, Hawk-Woods or DSM, the DSM is made with Panasonic cells and has an on board battery tester.

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How are we going to power our GH4 with the YAGH SDI adapter

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I am hoping to answer this later on today when everyone gets back to normality but there will be a lot of disappointed people buying the GH4 and YAGH SDI adapter if you don’t have a power solution in place.

Firstly does the YAGH have a regulated power input if not you will be forced to buy a 12V regulated power adapter like a “V” lock adapter and a flying lead with a 4pin XLR power plug.

These are the questions I hope to get answers too from a couple of chaps who attended NAB in Las Vegas.

Its shocking that not even Panasonic mention wether the YAGH is regulated or not if its regulated it can take anything from 11-17v.

Even more shocking is that not one retailer is advising us what is the best solution to power the YAGH or giving us any alternatives.


NOTE : This is only an example of the type of adapter needed to power the YAGH, I am not recommending this item as I do not know if it is suitable for the job.

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