The NEW GH5S £2200

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The GH5S has arrived with some very impressive specifications.

While the Lumix GH5 was the first mirrorless camera capable of shooting 4K footage at up to 60/50p, the Lumix GH5S takes this one step further and shoots at a world-first 4K 60/50p recording in Cinema 4K (4096 x 2160).

That’s just part of the story, as the GH5S is capable of internal 4:2:2 10-bit recording, which should deliver even stronger color reproduction, while V-Log now comes pre-installed on the camera – something that was an additional cost on the GH5, hopefully V-Log will become a free download for GH5 users after today.

Additional features:

  • Increased ISO Range: 160-51,200
  • New Venus Engine
  • 3.5mm audio jack can be set to line level: This allows for greater flexibility during production
  • Extended battery: 440 shots, rather than 410 in the GH5
  • 14-Bit RAW Photo up to 11fps burst
  • 12-bit up to 12fps in burst
  • Same autofocus as GH5, but with GH5S’ sensitivity improvements, it now goes up to -5EV


  • Sensor:10.2MP High Sensitivity MOS Sensor with Multi-Aspect
  • ISO Sensitivity: ISO 160-51,200 (Extended: 80-204,800)
  • Native ISO: Dual (ISO 400 / ISO 2500)
  • Viewfinder:3,680k- dot OLED 21mm
  • Rear monitor: 3.2” 3:2 1,620k dot dree-angle, static-touch LCD
  • Autofocus: Approx 0.07sec -5EV
  • Burst shooting: 14-bit AFS 11fps, AFC 7fps / 12-Bit AFS 12fps, AFC 8fps
  • 6K Photo: No
  • 4K Photo: 8MP 60fps (H.264)
  • Construction: Mag alloy, Splash/Dust/Freezeproof (down to -10°C)
  • Body image stabilisation: None
  • Video recording rate:
    • C4K: 60p/50p (4:2:0 8bit), 30p/25p/24p (4:2:2 10bit)
    • 4K: 60p/50p (4:2:0 8bit), 30p/25p/24p (4:2:2 10bit)
  • Monitor output:
    • 4:2:2 10bit output & internal recording (C4K/4K 60p/50p is output only)
    • 4:2:0 8bit output & internal recording (C4K/4K 60p/50p)
  • V-LogL: Pre-installed
  • Anamorphic mode:Anamorphic 4K
  • SD Card slots: 2 x UHS-II U3
  • Wireless / Bluetooth: 802.11 a/n/ac (5GHz) / Bluetooth 4.2
  • Input/Output terminals: Timecode In/Out / Synchro Terminal, 3.5mm MIC Jack / Line input (3.5mm headphone jack) / 2.5mm remote socket / HDMI Type A Socket / USB 3.1
  • Battery life: 440 pictures
  • Weight: 660g
  • Dimensions: 128.5 x 98.1 x 87.4mm

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GH5 to lose one of its most reliable SDXC cards from Lexar

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Micron Technology today announced that it is discontinuing its Lexar® retail removable media storage business. The decision was made as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to focus on its increasing opportunities in higher value markets and channels.

The Lexar portfolio includes memory cards, USB flash drives, readers, and storage drives for retail and OEM customers.

Micron is exploring opportunities to sell all or part of the Lexar business.

The company will continue to provide support to existing customers through this transition period. Customers should contact their Lexar sales representative to discuss specific requirements.

I’d like to thank our team members and partners for their contributions to the Lexar business. As difficult as this decision is, the company is making this adjustment in its business to ensure it continues to be well-positioned for the future.

Editor : Sadly we have come to rely on Lexar 1000x as the leading manufacturer for use with our GH5s in 4K 50p and was the first card of choice. Long before the new v2 software appears for the 400Mbps upgrade to the GH5 we will lose the ability to purchase the only card on the market suitable to sustain its speeds the Lexar 2000x SDXC speed 10 U3 card. I know most GH5 users have come to rely on their Lexar media and will be a great loss.

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Testing the Metabones Speedbooster XL 0.64x on the GH5

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So one of the biggest questions that potential buyers of the GH5 seem to have concerns whether the camera works with the Metabones Speedbooster XL 0.64x adapter? This adapter was originally designed for the GH4, with its approx 2.3x crop factor when shooting 4K video. The GH5 has a 2x crop in 4K video mode, so there has been a lot of speculation about whether the Speedbooster XL can be used to give the image the appearance of an approx. 1.3x crop factor camera (similar to the Canon EOS 1D C). This is significant because the look should then be closer to full-frame than that from competing Super35 sensor cameras – a pretty neat trick if it works. In addition the amount of light hitting the sensor is increased by around 1.3 stops, which should help reduce noise by allowing you to work at lower ISOs.

As you can see the results are pretty impressive. We shot with using a XEEN 50mm T1.5 cine lens with the Speedbooster. The GH5 was set in 4K/25P and 150Mbps and recording was internally to SD card. The camera is a pre-production sample and image quality should not be taken as final, but I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. The camera was set in Cinelike V with contrast and noise reduction dialled down to minimum (although I’m not sure that these settings were working as the resulting file is still pretty punchy). ISO was 200 and the in-body image stabilisation was turned off. The pre-production sample didn’t have V-Log installed on it, so I was unable test that. The footage above is straight out of the camera and completely untouched.


Things aren’t all roses though. At the moment my EOS fit Speedbooster XL will only work properly with manual, non-electronic lenses like the XEEN we used. I tried a variety of electronic Canon, Sigma and Zeiss EF mount lenses and they all had problems with the camera. The Canon and Sigma lenses simply locked it up, while a Zeiss Otus 85mm I tested worked for a while, then prevented me changing the aperture any further. The only way I was able to use these lenses was to disengage them slightly so the contacts didn’t meet, then use them locked wide open – far from ideal. I suspect this is down to the Metabones firmware and I hope the company can figure this out as soon as possible, hopefully before the camera ships in March.

Dan Chung is editor of Newsshooter and has over 20 years of experience working behind a camera. His career started in photography but evolved into documentary, multimedia and broadcast TV. He shot the first news video on a DSLR and has been on staff at Reuters, The Guardian and CNBC.  Website

Test clip shot on Panasonic GH5 with Metabones Speedbooster XL (feat. Kaiman Wong) at CVP from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

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Photographer Steven Clareys visit to Japan with a GH5

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This is the first time I have seen footage from the GH5 showing off the 5 axis stabilisation, photographer Steven Clarey was given a GH5 to use on a trip round Japan.

Steven “During a trip to Japan with Panasonic back in November/December of last year I was lucky enough to get a hands on with a pre production model of the new Lumix GH5. After leaving Panasonic in Osaka I travelled around Japan with Ross Grieve and Jacob James and we took the GH5 along with us on a road trip up to Fukushima via mount Fuji and Tokyo. I wish I had filmed a lot more during the trip, spending more time setting up shots, testing out all the shooting functions of the GH5, however I was super excited to be in Japan and also wanted to take in as much as possible without having a camera glued to me 24/7.

An abandoned American car garage on Highway 6 ©Steven Clarey

This video was shot entirely on the GH5 mostly in 50/60p, I think there’s two shots in 25p, all the 60p footage was shot in the variable framerate mode and conformed to 25p in camera and the 50p footage slowed down by 50% in post. I didn’t have a variable ND with me on the trip so I was having to control the light by using the shutter and aperture, sometimes having to bump the shutter speed up way to high causing some of the footage to look a little jerky. Mostly shot hand held but I did use a glidecam for some of the sweeping shots.

The 5 axis stabilisation in this camera is incredible. The low light footage shot in Tokyo was shot at ISO 3200 and 6400.

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GH4R £999

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The Panasonic GH4R continues the success of the GH4 with the addition of unlimited 4K recording and V-Log L video capability to meet the high demand from the film production industry. Compact and lightweight, the GH4R retains all of the specifications found in its predecessor, making it the ideal tool for photographers and videographers who want to capture beautiful 16.05 megapixel imagery and smooth 4K video on the move. The Digital Live MOS sensor with DFD (Depth from Defocus) technology combined with the speed of the Venus Engine ensures lightning fast AF (approx. 0.07 sec) and 12 fps burst shooting, along with higher sensitivity (max. ISO 25,600), better gradation performance, resolution and colour reproduction to achieve even higher image quality.

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Panasonic GH4 deals with Production Gear (Ends 31st March 2015)

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Data speed not fast enough at 200Mbps on Transend SDXC Class 10 speed 3 cards ?

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While shooting at the weekend with my 2 GH4’s I got an error message twice (same camera) using Transend SDXC Class 10 speed 3 cards telling me that “RECORDING HAS STOPPED  DUE TO THE REC SPEED NOT KEEPING UP” this was filming at 1920 x 1080 50p at 200 Mbps.

This only happened twice out of about 100 shots so my question is why and is it a bug, or a faulty card.

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The 4K Debate…”technical”

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“4K is FOUR TIMES the resolution of High Definition!” …really???

I do wish people, some of whom should know better, would stop quoting the marketing hype by saying that 4K or rather QFHD (Quad Full HD: 3840×2160 pixels), is four times the resolution of Full HD (1920×1080 pixels) when clearly it is TWO times the resolution (on each axis) and therefore FOUR times the NUMBER of pixels (X x Y axis, image width x height) on the sensor.
Resolution, in my 40+ years experience, has always been a linear measurement of lpmm (lines per mm) or, more accurately, lppmm (line pairs per mm: you need one white & one black line to see the difference).
In the case of digital sensors, we’re talking about how many pixels (image sampling points) are potentially available on a given axis. I say ‘potentially’ as other factors such as AA filters on the sensors, image processing/codecs and the resolving power of the lenses in use may be the limiting factors, regarding actual achievable image resolution, rather than the sensors native pixel count.
Hence QFHD (16:9 3840×2160) with 3840 pixels image width is twice the (sensor) resolution of Full HD (16:9 1920×1080 pixels) with 1920 pixels image width …simple mathematics: 3840/1920 = 2.
4K or, rather, Cinema 4K (17:9 4096×2160 pixels) at 4096 image width might also be said to be 2.133333333~ times the image width resolution of Full HD (4096/1920) but still two times on the height axis (2160/1080).
Using Bob Miano’s received ‘logic’ we might also claim that Full HD with an image pixel count of 2,073,600 pixels (1920×1080) is 2.25 times the resolution of HD at 921,600 pixels (1280×720) …that’s not a claim I ever recall hearing and, of course, the actual figure should be that Full HD is 1.5 times the resolution of HD (1920/1280) …a 50% increase, not 125%.
As for “capturing in 4K will allow you to “zoom in” to the footage in post” …yes, up to a 2x crop (onto a Full HD timeline), any more than that and you’ll be looking at an image with LESS than Full HD resolution. Try going in by the implied 4x crop and you’ll be looking at a 960×540 pixel image …less than (PAL) SD!
I can understand the marketing boys at Panasonic, and others, shouting the “4K is 4 times the resolution of HD” nonsense but ‘professional’ users might be better off not to over hype the possibilities and risk disappointing their customers …well at least until we get ’8K’ cameras that CAN shoot at 4x Full HD (7680×4320 pixels)!…?
Personally, having been happily using the GH3 for over a year, I’m just looking forward to exploring the additional possibilities of what I’ll be able to do, in both QFHD and Full HD, when my (pre-ordered) GH4 turns up

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That 4K image is jaw dropping…Scott Rhea

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A world-renowned film director Scott Rhea created a film titled “Dalia’s Dream” in 4K using Panasonic LUMIX GH4.
Scott says: “Shooting with the GH4 was nothing short amazing as the 4k image that the camera produces rivals that of cameras costing exponentially more. The size, weight, and functionality of this camera were extremely well engineered and both user friendly to photographers of all skill levels. I found the touch screen interactivity to be faster and more accessible than previous working conventions and the focus confirmation feature something that sets this camera apart from others. Variable frame rate options, low light capability, and stellar image quality make this camera an extreme value and has just taken first position in my camera bag.”


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Missionary Films 1st thoughts with their new GH4

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We are an award winning ministry that help missionaries and organisations share their story. By using a short video to share their story; missionaries, churches, and can better motivate congregations, supporters, and web audiences to give, go, and pray!

“Missionary Films was born out of our passion to tell great stories that take part in the greatest story ever told!”

Are you a church? We can help you tell the story of what your missionaries are doing all over the world. With your help we travel to the country where the missionary is and spend a week with them. We interview, travel with, and help them tell their story. We usually edit the video as we travel, keeping the cost down. We can also travel with a church mission to help tell the story of the work that’s being done.

Are you a missionary? We can help you tell your story. We have helped several missionaries share their ministry to their supportive churches or individuals. Scholarships and discounts are available for missionaries in the field.

Are you a mission organization? We can help you tell your story. If you have workers spread over several countries, that is not a problem for us. We have worked for large and small organizations that spread across Asia and Africa. We can help.

W. Ashley Maddox…I received my GH4 from Texas Media Systems in the mail on Friday. Wanting to test it out immediately, I headed up to the Window Rock National Park, and after shooting for a couple of hours here are some initial thoughts:

I’m not a Panasonic die-hard and this is the first Lumix camera I’ve owned, so everything is new to me. My lens range for the GH4 is limited right now as I don’t yet have an EF adapter, but I did get a 14-42 mm Lumix kit lens and this is what I used…

HDW : This is an article by my good friend Dan Chung over as News Shooter so I will send you over to him to read the rest of the interview…

Window Rock | Panasonic GH4 | 4K Test from W. Ashley Maddox on Vimeo.

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