“First GH4 low light testing @ 4K as expected” with Gordon Laing (Cameralabs.com)

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Gordon is one of the lucky photographers who has his hands on a Panasonic GH4 and told me that it was FW version 1.0 which was a surprise to me as I would have expected it to have been V1.1


This picture is from an original .MOV downloaded from Vimeo.

This is the problem you get when you have nothing to compare with, we are getting users running ISO tests… now to be fair Gordon Laing is from Cameralabs.com and is from a reputable source.

As I would expect from an entry level 4K DSLR high ISO pictures are never going to look good, this is taking the chips technology to the end of its ability.


At ISO 6400 the grain is not good but lets be honest if it was a lot better Panasonic Broadcast would be redundant.

I have two on back order so I have a very keen interest in all the early findings coming out of the USA, I will be reassessing my GH3 tomorrow just to see how badly it copes with ISO 800…something that my former Canon C300 was good at…noiseless low light.

LINK… http://www.cameralabs.com

Panasonic Lumix GH4 sample movie: 800 ISO / UHD / 25p from Gordon Laing on Vimeo.

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