Joseph Linaschke further discussions on the GH5

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A lot of GH5 questions answered

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This is a great interview with Photo Joseph and Panasonic’s Sean Robinson. Watch it in You Tube and get the ability to pick and choose what questions you want answered.

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DPreview test two production ready GH5s

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With access to a pair of production-ready Lumix GH5s running near-final firmware, we headed to a local whiskey distillery to put them to the test. We shot the footage above at 23.9p, 150mbps, 10-bit 4:2:2. One camera was set to Cinelike D, while the other was shooting ‘Like 709.’ You’ll also see examples of 60p footage slowed down by 2.5x as well as the camera’s ‘Focus Transition’ mode.

My only comment is when they use 6400ISO in the cask room, it looks a lot noisier than I was led to believe at Bracknell in November.

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GH5 may be delayed due to high number of pre-orders

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Panasonic Japan has announced that customers who have ordered a Lumix GH5 may face a longer wait due to the high number of pre-orders. The camera is scheduled for release on March 23, and Panasonic is prioritizing pre-order shipments. The GH5 was officially announced at the beginning of January, and Panasonic targeted a ‘late March’ shipping timeframe in its initial announcement.

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Richard Payne talkes to ProAV about the Lumix GH5

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Once again Richard Payne gets interviewed about the Panasonic GH5 with some new insights.

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Testing the Metabones Speedbooster XL 0.64x on the GH5

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So one of the biggest questions that potential buyers of the GH5 seem to have concerns whether the camera works with the Metabones Speedbooster XL 0.64x adapter? This adapter was originally designed for the GH4, with its approx 2.3x crop factor when shooting 4K video. The GH5 has a 2x crop in 4K video mode, so there has been a lot of speculation about whether the Speedbooster XL can be used to give the image the appearance of an approx. 1.3x crop factor camera (similar to the Canon EOS 1D C). This is significant because the look should then be closer to full-frame than that from competing Super35 sensor cameras – a pretty neat trick if it works. In addition the amount of light hitting the sensor is increased by around 1.3 stops, which should help reduce noise by allowing you to work at lower ISOs.

As you can see the results are pretty impressive. We shot with using a XEEN 50mm T1.5 cine lens with the Speedbooster. The GH5 was set in 4K/25P and 150Mbps and recording was internally to SD card. The camera is a pre-production sample and image quality should not be taken as final, but I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. The camera was set in Cinelike V with contrast and noise reduction dialled down to minimum (although I’m not sure that these settings were working as the resulting file is still pretty punchy). ISO was 200 and the in-body image stabilisation was turned off. The pre-production sample didn’t have V-Log installed on it, so I was unable test that. The footage above is straight out of the camera and completely untouched.


Things aren’t all roses though. At the moment my EOS fit Speedbooster XL will only work properly with manual, non-electronic lenses like the XEEN we used. I tried a variety of electronic Canon, Sigma and Zeiss EF mount lenses and they all had problems with the camera. The Canon and Sigma lenses simply locked it up, while a Zeiss Otus 85mm I tested worked for a while, then prevented me changing the aperture any further. The only way I was able to use these lenses was to disengage them slightly so the contacts didn’t meet, then use them locked wide open – far from ideal. I suspect this is down to the Metabones firmware and I hope the company can figure this out as soon as possible, hopefully before the camera ships in March.

Dan Chung is editor of Newsshooter and has over 20 years of experience working behind a camera. His career started in photography but evolved into documentary, multimedia and broadcast TV. He shot the first news video on a DSLR and has been on staff at Reuters, The Guardian and CNBC.  Website

Test clip shot on Panasonic GH5 with Metabones Speedbooster XL (feat. Kaiman Wong) at CVP from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

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VARY-i for the GH4 (278 euros)

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Love this kit from VARY-i its a self contained loupe for the GH4 and works a treat.

Me with VI

You can purchase VARY-i from for 278 euros.

Vari v2

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Panasonic GH4 Best Product 2014

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Now why does this not surprise me, having 2 GH4’s I know only too well how good these cameras are for both video and photographic work.

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The “Bits I left out” the GH4 User Review

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Video reviews can not only take a while to produce but editorially you can’t include everything, my reasons for leaving some information out like future features and flaws are this blog and making the review watchable.

I decided this time to let you see a variety of shots and situations and leave the nitty gritty to a blog post.


Strangely the YAGH stops the LCD from swivelling and can cause your tripod locking mechanism problems though Manfrotto do give you the ability to overcome this with a locking nut you can adjust.

The sound monitor output is set to REC SOUND only when a micro HDMI or the YAGH is attached causing a small delay in the sound, this may be fixable in a future firmware upgrade. (This was explained in the video).

The rolling shutter is worse in 4K mode, this does not surprise me as the chip is at its outer limits of its own technology in order to deliver an internal 4K recordable image.

The GH4 is noisier in higher gain than my previous Canon C300, once again in my opinion you are asking a lot of the technology to record fantastic pictures at 4K without something suffering. I do realise the Sony A7s with its full frame sensor does exceed low light expectations but is flawed like the C500 by not recording 4K internally.

The micro 4/3 sensor is by its nature not as good as a full frame sensor for shallow depth of field but the inclusion of the 42.5mm f1.2 Leica lens is hard to beat.


Future features

As a video tool it would help if you could disable the back thumb wheel or have the ability to lock the shutter, the GH4 like it’s sister the GH3 is all buttons and wheels with your thumb hitting most of them at the least appropriate time.

I would like a smoother more responsive aperture, adjusting the exposure during a live production is a nightmare. Unlike a professional video lens the GH4 uses photographic lenses that are made for photography rather than video so racking up or down the aperture is very noticeable.

I would prefer some indication from the back of the camera that I was in record mode, how easy would it have been to add a front and back tally light to the YAGH.

A definite feature for the 10bit GH5″ must be a second SD card slot this would be very useful and the exclusion of the tiresome 30 minute record restriction.

With 2 SD card slots you could also copy your cameras picture profile allowing you to use it on a second “GH5″ saving a ton of set up time while using 2 cameras.

A major pain is the cameras lack of information during record mode, please stop the LCD information from timing out after 19 seconds in a firmware update.

Like all DSLRs the GH4 being no exception the lack of ND filters is a major pain during a sunny day especially as you want to keep your shutter to 1/50th of a second. Panasonic could take note by adding a slot behind the lens as was used in the 16mm Eclair during the 1980s.

HDW : These were scripted and recorded but not used as I decided it would extend the video beyond 20m and would make the back end rather boring.


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Panasonic GH4 User Review (18m)

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The opening sequence was filmed with a 7-14mm f4 Lumix lens at the 14mm end making sure all the action is in silhouette. This has taken an age to film and edit and I only concentrate on the video capabilities of the camera.

98% of all footage was shot with 1-2 GH4′s and the odd cutaway shot with the GH3. Although the camera is more than capable viewfinder wise, sunny daylight shots are certainly improved with the use of a loupe, something I was not in favour of before I saw the “light”.

On the whole we used a Cambo loupe which was a pre production model that needs some tweaking to fit the LCD screen.

It’s finally here the Panasonic GH4 User Review…enjoy

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