Why I chose two Panasonic GH4’s

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Having had a GH3 for the best part of 6 months it was a no brainor to find myself wanting a GH4, the clinch was the mirrorless viewfinder…

  • The LUMIX DMC-GH4 boasts two newly developed high precision, high speed OLED displays for both the LVF (Live View Finder) and rear monitor. Increasing the resolution of the viewfinder to 2,359K dots and redesigning its optics, the LUMIX DMC-GH4’s LVF offers a 1.34x / 0.67x (35 mm camera equivalent) magnification and 100 % field of view.

That was twice the amount of pixels used in the GH4’s viewfinder over the GH3 and when I took a look for myself at BVE 2014 I was sold.

For any video and photographic work these cameras are going to be great workhorses but why did I choose the GH4 over my trusted Canon C300 ?

Simple I could not see any difference in quality between the Canon C300 and my GH3 when I produced a documentary for Glidetrack and filmed with my C300 and my GH3 as a “B” camera, best of it was the C300 can only film progressively at 720p while the GH3 films at 1080 50p.

Having two GH4s will give me far more scope over interviews giving me 2 matched cameras. Thats why I only need one SDI adapter as one camera will contain the sound via the 2 XLRs and the other camera will be fine with matchable sync track sound probably via the DMW-MS2 shotgun mic.


For clearer sync track sound this £280 shotgun mic is more than capable though do not depend on it for your main sound, this is where a good RODE gun mic comes in useful.

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Recording sound with a Tascam DR60D (£200)

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Its important to make sure you choose the correct tool for the job when it comes to sound, the Tascam DR60D priced at £200 this is a real bargain.


Unlike the Panasonic DMW-YAGH (£1700) which needs external 12v power via the 4pin XLR the Tascam DR60D has its own internal four AA battery compartment and better still an SD card slot so you can record the sound as a great safety backup.

Rather than letting me bang on about the Tascam let me hand you over to Kevin Cook to run you through the DR60 in his own words.

Kev’s Shed – A review of the Tascam DR-60D by Video Artisan from Kevin Cook on Vimeo.

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