SDXC card advice for the Lumix GH5

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SDXC devices are backwards compatible, so they accept SD and SDHC memory cards. SDXC memory cards must only be used with SDXC devices and should never be used in non-compatible devices.

Video classes have been assigned to better support high resolution video recordings. Supported formats for video recordings on MicroSD cards include:

  • 4k (V6, V10, V30, V60, V90)
  • 8k (V60 and V90)
  • 3D (V60 and V90)
  • 360 degree (V60 and V90)

SDXC cards Class 10 Speed U3 recommended as a minimum for the GH5

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Two of the most confusing parts of the GH5…No crop factor and SDXC cards at 400Mbps

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Panasonic are boasting “No crop factor” on the new GH5 but this is leading to major confusion. With the new GH5, it seems that we have the ability to now use the full width of the sensor as seen above while this was not possible on the GH4 giving a slight crop which is more noticeable using wide angle lenses also causing noticeable sensor noise.  Because you are not cutting into the GH5 sensor it is less noisy compared to the GH4 by almost a stop, so like most of us I would refrain going above 800 ISO on the GH4 you can push the boat out to at least 1600 ISO on the GH5.

This will be tested on our GH5 when we get one in March.

During summer of 2017 we are getting a new firmware, upgrading the camera from 4K 150Mbps to 400Mbps (Switchable via the cameras menu) using the new V60 SD card association protocol (60Mbps). 4K up till now required a card to have a U3 rating with a 64G card costing about £23 but until Panasonic can give end users clarity on exactly what cards will cover the new speed of 400Mbps we are in the dark.

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Photographer Steven Clareys visit to Japan with a GH5

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This is the first time I have seen footage from the GH5 showing off the 5 axis stabilisation, photographer Steven Clarey was given a GH5 to use on a trip round Japan.

Steven “During a trip to Japan with Panasonic back in November/December of last year I was lucky enough to get a hands on with a pre production model of the new Lumix GH5. After leaving Panasonic in Osaka I travelled around Japan with Ross Grieve and Jacob James and we took the GH5 along with us on a road trip up to Fukushima via mount Fuji and Tokyo. I wish I had filmed a lot more during the trip, spending more time setting up shots, testing out all the shooting functions of the GH5, however I was super excited to be in Japan and also wanted to take in as much as possible without having a camera glued to me 24/7.

An abandoned American car garage on Highway 6 ©Steven Clarey

This video was shot entirely on the GH5 mostly in 50/60p, I think there’s two shots in 25p, all the 60p footage was shot in the variable framerate mode and conformed to 25p in camera and the 50p footage slowed down by 50% in post. I didn’t have a variable ND with me on the trip so I was having to control the light by using the shutter and aperture, sometimes having to bump the shutter speed up way to high causing some of the footage to look a little jerky. Mostly shot hand held but I did use a glidecam for some of the sweeping shots.

The 5 axis stabilisation in this camera is incredible. The low light footage shot in Tokyo was shot at ISO 3200 and 6400.

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Scott Mellish from Panasonic Australia gives us a more in-depth look at the GH5

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A better look at all the new features we can expect from the new GH5 in March 2017.

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EXCLUSIVE “The LUMIX GH5…£1699 body only

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Welcome to GH5 Crew which is a continuation from GH4 Crew, this will be the place to visit for all the GH5 updates and new information.

Earlier in January…Its been a long time coming but the new GH5 will be available about the 20th of  March 2017, this really is a killer 10bit 422 DSLM with 4K 50p and no more 29minute record restrictions. The good news is it still takes the same batteries as the GH4 and they will last for 3 hours on the GH5.

I was lucky enough to be invited down to Bracknell to Panasonic HQ during November 2016 to see an early per production GH5. This is us interviewing Barnaby Sykes with a GH4 and GH4R.


The new Lumix GH5 which is 10% bigger as we now have a dual SD card slot and a full size HDMI socket, I shook Mr Uematsu’s hand when I found out about the full size HDMI socket for monitoring and outputting to an external recorder the full size HDMI is long overdue.


Here is the list of new features for video filming…

  1. The GH5 will record 4K 50p at 400mbps in a firmware update in the summer.
  2. 1920 x 1080 50p is 10bit 422
  3. A new high resolution viewfinder 3680 k-dot OLED (2360 GH4)
  4. Full size HDMI socket plus cable lock holder (included)
  5. 5 Axis stabilisation with certain lenses.
  6. Records continually (No more 29m restriction)
  7. V-Log and LUT display available as a paid firmware upgrade
  8. Live output via the HDMI socket (i.e. Your LCD screen won’t go black as it does in the GH4) and internal recording at the same time
  9. Better tracking via a new AF system…225 focusing points
  10. Two SD card slots capable of relay recording or back up onto 2 cards at the same time.
  11. Same battery as the GH4
  12. A new top mounted XLR unit costing £350
  13. Customisable AF (4 sets)
  14. New joystick control added on the back of the GH5
  15. Wave Form monitor has been added
  16. Luminance level for 10bit has been added
  17. Slow motion at 25p up to 180fps
  18. Autofocus Transition has been added (Pull focus)
  19. 4K Video in 4:3 Aspect has been added for shooting with anamorphic lenses.
  20. Hybrid LOG Gamma will be added in summer 2017 (FW update) for 4K HDR footage.
  21. 709 Like & Knee control suppress overexposure by high luminance video signals
  22. Summer 2017 brings a firmware update giving you 4K 4:2:2 10bit at 400Mbps
  23. Higher ISO up to 6400 ISO…a lot cleaner than the GH4
  24. 4:2:2 10bit output & internal recording

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