Panasonic GH4 arrives in the USA “2 weeks ahead of time” What’s happened to the Global marketplace ?

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Firstly great news the Panasonic GH4s are out earlier than expected, the bad news is that B&H the biggest photographic retailer in the world is still telling customers END OF APRIL the same as UK retailers but clearly something has gone wrong somewhere.

UK retailers are unaware of the advance shipment to the USA but are clearly unhappy that Panasonic have not updated them with a new ETA.


This was conversations coming from a well known forum in the USA yesterday the 23rd April 2014, I was also told that a UK company had picked up their GH4 yesterday as yet I have no details of who from and I suspect it was an American order.

I am waiting for Panasonic UK to get back to me on this one but I can assure them that there are 100’s of disgruntled UK customers not to mention UK retailers who have had orders in for over 2 months not to mention myself who has invested in this web site with no hint of any of my two GH4s arriving this side of April…poor show Panasonic !

This is an ongoing story I hope it promotes Panasonic UK to hand over an early shipment of GH4s, then we can get working with them…just as I write the Panasonic GH4 Users Group release this picture from Texas Media Systems who claim to have stock.


UPDATE : Panasonic UK “Panasonic UK have no idea why Panasonic USA have released the GH4 early, Panasonic USA is a branch of its own.”

So there we have it from delivery in the USA to unboxing pictures all over American web sites, personally I think this will have done a huge amount of harm to Panasonics relationships with not only B&H who are now expecting delivery today (25th April) but the European market not to mention the UK retailers, certain UK customers are now contemplating ordering from the US…its a total cock-up by Panasonic and very unfair if we in the UK have to wait till May.



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  1. DirectorBob says:

    I guess I don’t understand distribution AND math. I wish I could be a fly on the wall at Panasonic. Why would you not send shipments to the largest retailers first? Wouldn’t those folks be your best customers? So why is it that Adorama and B&H don’t have the GH4 yet but “Texas Media Systems” and other retailers do? Can anyone help explain this to me? (Mr. Loughran perhaps?)

    • Peter Loughran says:

      Sorry Bob,
      I can’t help you with the vagaries of Panasonic USAs distribution timetable …here in the UK I’m just hoping my GH4 turns up on time!
      We’ve been ‘promised’ delivery from 5th May …only about another week so I’m not going to get my knickers in twist (that’s ‘panties in a bunch’ for our friends across the pond) if they stick to that.
      Not that I’d complain if it came a bit early of course!
      Perhaps the factories in China made the first batch of USA spec cameras before starting on the ones for UK/Europe? …either way it’s looking more promising than things were for those poor souls who pre-ordered Blackmagic Cinema cameras a year (or was it two?) ago…
      P.S. you can call me Peter (or Pete) …I may be anal retentive, pedantic even (I’ll choose to take that as a compliment) …but I’m friendly! 😉

  2. I think everyone should calm down. It’s not dishonourable… it’s just a cock up. Why bash Panasonic? Isn’t it more likely to be down to distributors? Does it really matter? This isn’t going to dent Panasonic’s credibility one bit.. you’ve just started a blog dedicated to one of their products for a start!

    And servicing the biggest customers first? A good plan? What if everything worked like that?


    HDW : Sean the cat is out the bag, someone made a major error of judgement, am I as a news portal for the GH4 going to sit back and watch as the USA is flooded with GH4s 2 weeks early and not report it from a consumers point of view.
    I and many others have paid for this camera up front we toed the line…PRE ORDER…yet after all this Joe Bloggs can go into B&H today and pick up a GH4 off the shelf, its very unfair.

  3. RRRoger says:

    Frankly I cannot figure it out.
    Panasonic is not the only one with irratic shipping policies.
    I remember when Nikon released the D300 and D3 each store got 1-3 regardless of size during the first release. Then, they turned around and gave the entire first shipment of a midsized DSLR to Best Buys.
    Why Samy’s got the first GH4 shipment, I have no clue.
    What Panasonic and Nikon are going to do next and maybe they want it that way?

  4. EskimoSand says:

    We in the States did not have access to the free battery grip offer that the UK had. Maybe this is Panasonic’s way of leveling things out.

    HDW : I would as soon leave out a battery grip and battery to get my GH4 in advance !

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