Missionary Films 1st thoughts with their new GH4

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We are an award winning ministry that help missionaries and organisations share their story. By using a short video to share their story; missionaries, churches, and can better motivate congregations, supporters, and web audiences to give, go, and pray!

“Missionary Films was born out of our passion to tell great stories that take part in the greatest story ever told!”

Are you a church? We can help you tell the story of what your missionaries are doing all over the world. With your help we travel to the country where the missionary is and spend a week with them. We interview, travel with, and help them tell their story. We usually edit the video as we travel, keeping the cost down. We can also travel with a church mission to help tell the story of the work that’s being done.

Are you a missionary? We can help you tell your story. We have helped several missionaries share their ministry to their supportive churches or individuals. Scholarships and discounts are available for missionaries in the field.

Are you a mission organization? We can help you tell your story. If you have workers spread over several countries, that is not a problem for us. We have worked for large and small organizations that spread across Asia and Africa. We can help.


W. Ashley Maddox…I received my GH4 from Texas Media Systems in the mail on Friday. Wanting to test it out immediately, I headed up to the Window Rock National Park, and after shooting for a couple of hours here are some initial thoughts:

I’m not a Panasonic die-hard and this is the first Lumix camera I’ve owned, so everything is new to me. My lens range for the GH4 is limited right now as I don’t yet have an EF adapter, but I did get a 14-42 mm Lumix kit lens and this is what I used…

HDW : This is an article by my good friend Dan Chung over as News Shooter so I will send you over to him to read the rest of the interview…


Window Rock | Panasonic GH4 | 4K Test from W. Ashley Maddox on Vimeo.

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