Don’t forget the Power Zooms

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Turn your GH4 into a sudo video camera with the aid of two special zoom lenses. The 14-42 and the 45-175 have built in power zooms very useful if you want a true servo zoom video look.


The first lens is the Lumix 14-42 f3.5-5.6 HD lens (28-84mm = 35mm) this is probably one of the most useful zoom ranges but starting at f3.5 is a handicap and not very useful in low light situations without increasing the ISO. The price point of £279 makes this a very useful lens to have in your bag and by all accounts is a very sharp wee lens.


The Lumix 45-175 f4-5.6mm with Power Zoom (90-350mm = 35mm). This is almost a 4x zoom and very useful for compression shots or someone presenting a speech in a conference. Once again starting at f4 and stopping down further to f5.6 is not helpful and will certainly be a handicap in lower lighting conditions.

Both these lenses can be remotely controlled via your iPhone, iPad or Android making the physical zoom a lot smoother especially the 45-175.

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