Working with Wi-Fi and the Panasonic GH4

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Wi-Fi in the Lumix GH4 is far superior to the one in the GH3, connecting is a breeze and its almost lag free.


Firstly you need to download Panasonic Image App from the Apple iStore (Android store) to your iPad, iPhone, Smartphone or Android.


Press the Fn1 button for about 4s till the WiFi LED turns blue.

When you turn on Wi-Fi open the Panasonic IMAGE APP and your iPad will give you 2 options for a password or QR code, the simplest way is to choose the QR code.


Point the iPad to the QR code on your GH4s LCD screen, you will have to put it almost 25mm away from the code then slowly pull back from the code till your iPad reads it.


Then come out of that and go into SETTINGS you will see this INSTALL PROFILE screen and press install.


Make sure you choose the GH4 from the CHOOSE A NETWORK settings then re-start Panasonics IMAGE APP


This is the screen you are presented with on your iPad from here you can set White Balance (WB), f stops and Shutter Speed (F/SS), Peaking OFF or ON, Touch Screen AF and record.


If you have one of the two power zoom lenses you can zoom in and out via iPad.


What a far better way to browse your pictures on the iPad via Wi-Fi not only that you can delete them as well.


Apart from viewing your pictures you can also play video footage a great way to impress your client.

The downsides to the tablet are don’t expect to use it on sunny days, small lag in the picture and you can lose the Wi-Fi signal.

Upsides are browsing both video and photographs, deleting media, zoom control via specific power zoom lenses, ability to use the camera in remote control like a wildlife situation and it’s cool to show clients your footage.

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  1. Alison S says:

    We just bought a GH4 to add to our line-up for aerial photography. I have just starting testing out the control with my iPad. I am very excited to see just how well this camera will perform. Thank you for offering this post as it will help me get it configured.

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