Panasonic DMW-YAGH Arrives…plus new menu in GH4

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Finally after what seemed a long wait the kit is complete, the Panasonic DMW-YAGH has arrived, the review can begin.

YAGH-front YAGH-back

The YAGH is bolted direct onto the GH4 and feels very solid, today was a bad day for initial testing as my grand daughter took priority but I did manage to try out the Hawk Woods BPU power adapter.

YAGH-wider Pouch

The BPU 12v regulated Power adapter fits into a pouch that Velcro’s onto my belt, this was my whole intention to have a neat, light weight power solution.


I also just had time to put a gun mic into Ch1 XLR and it worked a dream, one thing that I did not know was that once you attach the YAGH you get access to a new menu in the GH4, page 2 (not seen) allows you to set the battery voltage level alarm.

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  1. Paul Stuart says:

    Hello could you tell what eye cup you are using on your gh4 and where could I find one ,regards paul

    HDW : By all accounts its a large Sony eyecup I had from a previous camera.

  2. Hi there,

    I recently bought a DMW-YAGH for my new GH4r, and was really excited until I realised it needed external power.

    How annoying that it doesn’t have internal batteries (particularly using the same ones as the camera itself).

    I presume this has something to do with the extra power needed for the XLR audio inputs?

    I’m not technical enough to understand why, but requiring additional external power certainly adds a lot of bulk to the whole GH4 option.

    I like your waist power solution, but I see you’re using a Sony battery based power source.

    As I have several Panasonic batteries for my two Panasonic AF-101 cameras, ideally I would prefer to use those to power this Panasonic product (!) instead of having to buy all new Sony batteries just to power it.

    Are you aware of battery adaptors that can utilise these Panasonic batteries (and deliver 12V power to the YAGH)?



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