My new Lumix 7-14mm f4 lens

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This completes my full range of lenses for my GH4 User Review, the 7-14mm f4 WA Zoom is a cracking wide angle zoom lens, a must for landscape and interiors.


I decided in a fit of madness to drive the 370 miles down to Norwich to the WEX showroom and buy the final lens in my GH4 collection.


The 7-14mm is indeed the superstar of wide angle zoom’s in 35mm terms it’s 14-28mm and at f4 constant aperture. WEX have a very impressive Lumix display apart from the lack of GH4s on display…hard to come by.


I have started my GH4 User review filming shots with one GH4 and producing PTC with my other GH4 at 1080 50p 200Mbps All Intra and it looks stunning…way beyond my 720 50p 50Mbps Canon C300.


One interesting fact I learned by mistake is that the GH4 with an internal L-Ion battery acts as a silent cutaway camera, in other words the camera functions as a video/photographic camera even with the YAGH attached but in video mode with no sound.

You need to power up the YAGH via the 4 pin power XLR to get all the sound functions.

At-14mm At-7mm

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  1. Mark John says:

    Hi, I’m currently awaiting my GH4 – it’s been on back order for weeks! Based on you recommendations, I have in the meantime bought the Lumix 12-35mm f2.8 and Lumix 35-100mm f2.8. Both of these are weather sealed and and have image stabilisation. This 7-14mm has neither, being a lens design a good few years old. Does the lack of (particularly) image stabilisation not concern you or that Panasonic may update it with a more modern wide angle zoom? I’m considering buying it for its optics but don’t want to be hampered by its other shortcomings.

    R. Tim just pointed me to a rumoured Olympus f2.8 7-14mm micro4/3 lens so hang onto your money.

    • Mark John says:

      The only (or main) problem with using micro4/3 Olympus lenses on Panasonic bodies is that there isn’t any image stabilisation. So buying this lens over the Panasonic doesn’t help in this respect. Or have a I missed something?

  2. Tim says:


    R. Hi Tim its the name of the game an f2.8 would be great for lower light work but how good will it be a f2.8 compared to the f4 Panasonic.

  3. Magne Langaker says:


    Can you use screw-in ND filters with this lens?

    R. No there is no screw thread but you could if you use a WA matte box.

  4. Peter Loughran says:

    The Panasonic 7-14mm f4 doesn’t have optical image stabilisation either so the question becomes whether or not you NEED the bigger aperture (as in, will actually shoot at maximum aperture most of the time) and will be willing to pay the price (cost, size, weight, sharpness?) for that extra stop. The performance of the Olympus lens remains to be seen and if, like many lenses, it performs best stopped down a touch (lets say, f4-5.6) then you may be paying a premium for a feature you rarely use.
    One thing that puts me off using Olympus lenses (and some others) on my GH3/GH4 is that the zoom ring operates in the opposite direction to the Panasonic (and Nikon) lenses, that I am used to, so I end up turning the zoom ring the wrong way then having to correct, reverse and risk missing shots in doing so.
    I have the Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 which is a very nice lens and usable wide open (but sharpest at f4-5.6) but because the 4K video mode on the GH4 is a (35mm equivalent) crop factor of 2.6 it’s now looking a bit tight on the wide angle end (12mm x 2.6 = ~31mm equiv.) so I may well have to buy the 7-14mm lens to get the wider angles when shooting 4K (7-14mm x 2.6 = ~18-36mm equiv.).
    Some people have managed to arrange home-made clamps and holders for filters on the Panasonic 7-14mm lens but I’m not aware of any commercially available solution as yet.

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