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1. The thumbwheel at the back of the GH4 controls the speed in manual mode, I would like Panasonic to update the Firmware (FW) to allow me to lock this at 1/50th preventing me moving this to another speed accidentally as has happened.

2. Could we also have the ability to switch on the LCD display rather than the present mode where it switches off at about seven minutes.

3. Can we also have the ability to buy an upgrade FW package that gets rid of the 30m record time.

4. A menu mode to allow us to view 4K as 1080 via the SDI connectors the same as you offer with the HDMI output.

5. Can you make sure that the GH5 has 2 SDXC slots please.


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  1. Jon Taylor-Wade says:

    Could you not swap the thumbwheels i(in the settings) to put the speed control at the front so it’s less likely to be accidentally knocked?

    Anther request is to be able to keep screen data such as exposure meter etc on screen at all times, instead of timing out

    R. I did that last week and its a lot better, thanks.

  2. I need the low-light / nightshot performance to match the Sony A7s camera, if not better.

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