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The opening sequence was filmed with a 7-14mm f4 Lumix lens at the 14mm end making sure all the action is in silhouette. This has taken an age to film and edit and I only concentrate on the video capabilities of the camera.

98% of all footage was shot with 1-2 GH4′s and the odd cutaway shot with the GH3. Although the camera is more than capable viewfinder wise, sunny daylight shots are certainly improved with the use of a loupe, something I was not in favour of before I saw the “light”.

On the whole we used a Cambo loupe which was a pre production model that needs some tweaking to fit the LCD screen.

It’s finally here the Panasonic GH4 User Review…enjoy

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  1. Tim says:

    Thanks for your review Philip. Would you recommend the eye cup over the loupe?
    How does the Cambo compare to the Zacuto version?
    I tested the GH4 viewfinder next to the GH2 viewfinder. GH2 is still bigger and clearer. It would easily beat the GH4 viewfinder except for peaking.
    Therefore thinking of using a loupe.
    Thanks again for your hard work!

    HDW : The Cambo loupe is very good but we don’t have a GH4 version yet I had to frog my loan version to work and remember any loupes that use a base plate won’t work with the YAGH attached.

  2. Scott says:

    Varavon just announced their NEW GH4 Loupe. Not sure what to think of it yet, but it is another alternative. Thanks Phil for another great GH4 Review!

  3. Larry says:

    Hi Philip, just got my gh4 and i really appreciate your great review. Can you say now that you have had more time with the camera, what settings get the best results for natural skin tones? Also, can yountell me how you created that great background for the green screen that you have in the latter part of the review, it looks great and i would like to domsomething like that in my videos. I have never done a green screen and i am learning final cut pro x right now and want to explore the green screen keyer. Thanks !

  4. Dave Legacy says:

    Fantastic presentation! I think you’re setting the bar for reviews.
    I really perked up around the 15min. mark when you were showing the Mafrotto MVR-901 zoom controller….can I ask just what is that lens with a servo motor to control the zoom?

    HDW : Lumix 45-145 HD lens its a cracking lens very sharp.

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