Panasonic GH4 Best Product 2014

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Now why does this not surprise me, having 2 GH4’s I know only too well how good these cameras are for both video and photographic work.

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  1. Ken says:

    Not sure if it’s the upload or ??? but some of the quality of the images from this GH4 review are awful. Look at the carnival video at the end, for example. There’s also one of Alistair on a road in the trees that is a real mess. Other shots look good, but nothing exceptional. I’d really like to see this camera pushed (low light, shallow depth, etc.) to get a better sense of what it can do.

    HDW : It will be the conversion from MP4, plus busier shots in HD don’t do well once compressed to the internet.
    Low light & SDoF is far better on the Sony A7s but if you need 4K internal its the GH4.

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