Photographer Steven Clareys visit to Japan with a GH5

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This is the first time I have seen footage from the GH5 showing off the 5 axis stabilisation, photographer Steven Clarey was given a GH5 to use on a trip round Japan.

Steven “During a trip to Japan with Panasonic back in November/December of last year I was lucky enough to get a hands on with a pre production model of the new Lumix GH5. After leaving Panasonic in Osaka I travelled around Japan with Ross Grieve and Jacob James and we took the GH5 along with us on a road trip up to Fukushima via mount Fuji and Tokyo. I wish I had filmed a lot more during the trip, spending more time setting up shots, testing out all the shooting functions of the GH5, however I was super excited to be in Japan and also wanted to take in as much as possible without having a camera glued to me 24/7.

An abandoned American car garage on Highway 6 ©Steven Clarey

This video was shot entirely on the GH5 mostly in 50/60p, I think there’s two shots in 25p, all the 60p footage was shot in the variable framerate mode and conformed to 25p in camera and the 50p footage slowed down by 50% in post. I didn’t have a variable ND with me on the trip so I was having to control the light by using the shutter and aperture, sometimes having to bump the shutter speed up way to high causing some of the footage to look a little jerky. Mostly shot hand held but I did use a glidecam for some of the sweeping shots.

The 5 axis stabilisation in this camera is incredible. The low light footage shot in Tokyo was shot at ISO 3200 and 6400.

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