Two of the most confusing parts of the GH5…No crop factor and SDXC cards at 400Mbps

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Panasonic are boasting “No crop factor” on the new GH5 but this is leading to major confusion. With the new GH5, it seems that we have the ability to now use the full width of the sensor as seen above while this was not possible on the GH4 giving a slight crop which is more noticeable using wide angle lenses also causing noticeable sensor noise.  Because you are not cutting into the GH5 sensor it is less noisy compared to the GH4 by almost a stop, so like most of us I would refrain going above 800 ISO on the GH4 you can push the boat out to at least 1600 ISO on the GH5.

This will be tested on our GH5 when we get one in March.

During summer of 2017 we are getting a new firmware, upgrading the camera from 4K 150Mbps to 400Mbps (Switchable via the cameras menu) using the new V60 SD card association protocol (60Mbps). 4K up till now required a card to have a U3 rating with a 64G card costing about £23 but until Panasonic can give end users clarity on exactly what cards will cover the new speed of 400Mbps we are in the dark.

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  1. Guy McLoughlin says:

    >>>using the new V60 SD card association protocol (60Mbps)

    This new standard is 60 MegaBytes per second, NOT 60 Megabits per second.

    And there is no guarantee that fast cards that are NOT Vxx rated will work at 400 Megabits per second.
    ( The Vxx rating is the ONLY rating that is guaranteed to have a minimum write speed )

    Right now Delkin is selling V90 cards, and I expect the other major brands will start shipping these cards by Spring 2017.

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