GH5 Image Stabilisation problems with certain models

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The Lumix GH5 came today with inbuilt problems…The Image Stabilisation in video mode is not working properly. The picture jumps up and down as the camera is moved in hand held mode.

The GH5 works fine without Image Stabilisation which is the mode I prefer to use. The XLR unit is very quiet indeed and goes up to 96kHz 24bit via the menu.

MAKING A POINT… The first shot is hand held with IS turned on as I say in the VO while the second shot is on a tripod with IS turned off also stated in the VO.

Note : The jittery Image Stabilisation only happens in Video Mode.

You should see the hand in a box if you are in 5 Axis mode.

Panasonic have been informed and I am not the only person to have seen this problem. I am sure a firmware update will appear ASAP. I would agree with the statement “Its the price you pay for an early adopter” but this is a 5th generation camera and a major feature was the IS so you would think you would get it right !

NOTE : This may only be a problem with a small batch of GH5’s, I am still investigating.

The plot thickens…Just had a phone call from Bill who got his GH5 yesterday and tried the older 12-35 f2.8 lens with no stabilisation problems.

Note 2. My friend Stewart has the same problem.

NOTE : This only happens in Video Mode the Image Stabilisation is fine in Photo mode.

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  1. Guy McLoughlin says:

    Have you tried other lenses to see if the problem only occurs with that one lens ?

  2. Hi Phillip,

    I just received my new GH5. Excited!

    It’s serial number is 3383, and I’m happy to say that the image stablisation seems to works perfectly (in Video mode) with mine.

    It was just a very quick test, and if I do experience any weirdness, I’ll be sure to report it to you.

    Hope you GH5 is corrected with a filmware update, as you mentioned.

    Bye for now


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