How are we going to power our GH4 with the YAGH SDI adapter

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I am hoping to answer this later on today when everyone gets back to normality but there will be a lot of disappointed people buying the GH4 and YAGH SDI adapter if you don’t have a power solution in place.

Firstly does the YAGH have a regulated power input if not you will be forced to buy a 12V regulated power adapter like a “V” lock adapter and a flying lead with a 4pin XLR power plug.

These are the questions I hope to get answers too from a couple of chaps who attended NAB in Las Vegas.

Its shocking that not even Panasonic mention wether the YAGH is regulated or not if its regulated it can take anything from 11-17v.

Even more shocking is that not one retailer is advising us what is the best solution to power the YAGH or giving us any alternatives.


NOTE : This is only an example of the type of adapter needed to power the YAGH, I am not recommending this item as I do not know if it is suitable for the job.

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  1. Kyle Posdale says:

    A camera based accessory 4-pin XLR is 12v (14.4v) input for the motion picture and broadcast industry. This input was confirmed for me by Panasonic for the YAGH during NAB.

    Any genuinely professional retailer should be able to tell you this. If the dealer can’t, or can’t recommend one of the better power systems available, you shouldn’t be doing any business with them.

    Why companies like B&H and Adorama are completely worthless!

    HDW : Thanks Kyle that should help things.

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