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Panasonic DMW-XLR1 is used with the GH5

A must for professional video work is the DMW-XLR1 adapter, a £300 professional XLR adapter for the GH5.


Finally tripod manufacturers are now catching up with the DSLR offering a fluid head fit for purpose.

The tripod head is very smooth both pan and tilt though I still won’t be using it for much beyond interviews. I already had the 055 PRO legs so I bought the the Manfrotto 755XB legs with centre levelling column (£189) swapped out the centre column with my 055 PRO legs so in total it cost me £300. (No doubt you can buy all the above as a complete kit for less than I paid.)

Total cost is £200 for the legs and £99 for the head and a further £149 for the the centre levelling column.

The centre levelling is a dream something I have missed from using photographic tripods most of my photographic life.

I bought one of these last week for my Panasonic GH4R along with the 055LC Levelling Centre Column. Finally I can release my Sacthler ACE tripod from duties using it with my JVC LS300 as intended.


A tripod is an essential part of your filming and photographic kit, I am not into “wobble cam” so directors please note.

To make life a lot easier during two camera shoots I tend to stick to Manfrotto as their camera plate on the 504HD fits all modern Manfrotto tripods of which I have three.

This may seem a big advert for Manfrotto but my best tripod is actually a Millar Compact 25 with carbon fibre legs but that gets brought out for bigger cameras like the Panasonic PX270.

Manfrotto have come leaps and bounds in the last 2 years and their newer “Bridging technology” tripods are fantastic.


The 504HD head is one of the best heads to come from Manfrotto in a long time with a smooth pan and tilt, both highly adjustable.


The MVH-500AH is a great tripod for the smaller kit like the Lumix GH3 though bear in mind this is a basic video tripod definitely not as good as the 504HD for pan and tilt shots.



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  1. Gerry Prost says:

    I think that putting the Tascam DR60 on an articulating arm is a brilliant solution. Because I have been using Atomos Ninjas for a number of years, I can’t help but imagine an Samurai Blade sitting on top of the DR60. Imagine, wave form monitor, Pro Res recording, and large high res monitor. That is brilliant with icing! Gerry

  2. david says:


    I am looking for a mic to my GH4. Do you have any suggestions ?

    Thanks a lot

    HDW : What are you going to use it for ?

    • david says:

      i have already rode ntg 3,ntg 1 and oktava mk 12 but i am not sure , i can use them because it’s not well adapted on the GH4

      I used them with a camera XF 100
      on the lake with a lot winds and
      make an interview. Situation run
      and gun…

      Sorry with my poor english

      R. Run and gun why not plumb for Panasonic’s own gun mic (DMW-MS2) sits on top of the camera and is self powered from the camera.
      If on the other hand you need good tight sound then buy a Tascam DR60 and run your NTG-3 through it.

  3. Nick Mercer says:


    I’m very curious what articulating arm you are using with that DR-60D. It looks like it has a very nice handle.

  4. Nicky Velasquez says:

    I’d like to get some info about the wi-fi feature.
    Have you copied image files? video file? to an external HDD with wi-fi?
    Thanks for putting this site up.

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