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Firmware v1.1 for the GH5 (April 2017)

I have just installed the new FW1.1 into my GH5 and it works a treat, it takes less than 60 seconds to perform. Your battery needs to be full or it will not operate.


Switch on the GH5

Then press the PLAY button it will then ask you if you wish to precede, press the Up button to select YES. The update process will start

Firmware v1.1 adds the following features…

FHD 4:2:2 10-bit video recording has been added. It can be selected in either FHD [MP4 (LPCM)] or [MOV] recording format.
4:2:2 10-bit video recording has been added to Anamorphic (4:3) mode.
There was a problem in which the exposure adjustment did not operate properly during live view standby when the [SS/Gain Operation] display was set to [ANGLE/ISO] while [Variable Frame Rate] was selected for Creative Video mode, this has been fixed.
A problem in [V-LogL] of Photo Style mode where afterimages appeared when recording video under high ISO sensitivity settings has been fixed.

Get the new FW here…




This will be updated during April 2017 when the new firmware arrives for the GH5.

April 2017 (NAB) FHD 4:2:2

Summer 2017 (June-July) …4K 4:2:2 10bit ALL-Intra…  FHD 4:2:2 10bit ALL-Intra…  High-resolution Anamorphic Video Mode…  Hybrid Log Gamma for 4K HDR Video


Firmware version 1.1 in now available and helps the audio problem plus a bug that causes the camera to freeze.



 NOTE : If the .bin software does not install first time keep trying it sometimes takes a few tries to work.

October sees the latest FW for the Panasonic GH4 and brings some interesting new modes including square pictures or 1:1

1. [4K PHOTO] mode is added which records 4K video exclusively for capturing a frame to save as a photo.

  • Settings can be adjusted as below when entering this mode.
-Rec Format : MP4
-Rec Quality : 4K/30p/100Mbps
(System Frequency 59.94Hz)
(System Frequency 50.00Hz)
-Luminance Level:0-255
  • In addition to 16:9 aspect, 4:3/3:2/1:1 can be selected.
  • Exif information is embedded to the captured image from the 4K video.
  • Marking function is available enables marker setting on the designated point while recording video and users can jump to the markers when playing back the video to capture the frame they want.
  • Loop Recording function is added, with which the camera keeps on recording video while deleting the old footage automatically.
  1. 4K/23.98p/100Mbps mode is added in MP4 video recording.
  2. The upper limit of the ISO sensitivity can be set in the menu of ISO sensitivity setting and emission amount of flash light can be adjusted in the menu of exposure compensation.
  3. Focusing performance of 1-area AF in video recording is improved.
  4. Tracking performance of tracking AF when used with the interchangeable lens H-FS14140 is improved.
  5. Remote shooting via USB tethering is available by using PC software “USB Tether” supplied by Promote Systems.


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  1. david says:


    first update for gh4 v 1.1

    Link here

  2. Wayne Harley says:

    Re V 1.1 upgrade, not having any luck upgrading with the firmware. I’ve tried two different Sandisk cards, formatted both of them, made sure there’s no other images on the card, opened up the zip file and transferred the bin file to the card but keep getting message ‘No Valid Picture to play.’ The camera is telling me I’ve only got version 1.0 for the body. Anyone got any suggestions?

    Cheers – Wayne Harley

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