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Me with a pre production GH5

My name is Philip Johnston and I run a blog called HD Warrior for video professionals producing, news, video reviews, interviews and comment all about the professional video industry.

My video reviews are renowned for being fair but honest and I try to show as much footage shot with the camera I am reviewing.

I will do a specific video review of the GH5 as soon as I get my hands on one…or two.

Interviewing Panasonics Barnaby Sykes

At the moment we have a GH4 and a GH4R camera. I got to play with a GH5 at Panasonic HQ in Bracknell, November 2016 and was instantly in love with the new improved mirrorless viewfinder almost twice the resolution of the GH4.

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  1. Rob Hargreavs says:

    Hi Philip, as an avid follower of your GH4 website, I wanted to know if you had any further information as to where we could send our GH4 to get the infamous audio buzz issue solved here in the UK?
    Details of the audio buzz:


    HDW : I will assume you have installed all the FW updates if “YES” give Holdan a phone.

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