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Taken with a GH4 using the Lumix 42.5mm f1.2 lens at f2


This was taken with external daylight, an Ice light as a fill and a LEDGO 160 camera light with soft box set at 3200K as a back light.


Also taken with a GH4 using the Lumix 42.5mm f1.2 lens at f1.2 giving a cracking shallow depth of field.


Shot taken with a pre-production GH4 with a 12-35mm f2.8 Lumix lens at 12mm, f5.6 and 1/500.


Double click on the night shots of Glasgow taken tonight 8th May 2014 to get a 72dpi 1843 x 1037 enlargement


Sam McAleer nearly lost his life 9 months ago when he took a massive heart attack and was on the operating table for 18 hours…today he has overcome all the odds to carry the Queen’s Commonwealth Relay Baton..a true hero. (Photographed with my GH4)


GH4 with a Lumix 35-100mm f2.8 @ ISO500, f4.5, 1/1300, 100mm (35mm FL = 217mm)

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