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Ractions and some of their personal issuesHowever for some reason the actual plot idn t get me hooked Maybe one aspect of it was that we spent too few time on aspects I was interested in eg Hal but the things we spent time on too often just couldn t hold my attention The last third was much interesting to me but I couldn t really say for sure what my problem was before thatI would say it works as a continuation of 2001 even though it feels as if on a smaller scale The enigma of the Spaceship Discovery lost in Jupiter s orbit the setting has been changed from Saturn in the original book to match Kubrick s film The imaginative Arthur C Clarke s seuel to 2001 has Dr Heywood Floyd again recruited on a joint US and Soviet woopswritten in 1982 expedition to the giant sphere the numerous colors yep orange too planet find out what happened The crew of the Soviet ship Leonov consists of seven Russians and three Americans with both male and female members DrFloyd Dr Chandra builder of the malfunctioning computer Hal a long repair trip and Walter Curnow a systems specialist are the Americans Curnow job is to get Discovery working again before it crashes The Gulag Handbook down on Io a hellish volcanic world and one of the many exotic Jovian moons But the real reason of the trip is of course just a little complicated people are soevious Discovery s Captain David Bowman s The Beckoning Lady (Albert Campion disappearance and his last wordsMy God it s full of stars haunts the Earth still to this veryay what Will in the World does he mean The mysterious black monolith that is floating in space between Jupiter and her moon howangerous a threat is it to Earth The uite able Captain Tatiana Orlova is in charge and even has her husband on board makes for an interesting voyage but no time for a honeymoon All the crew begin to call the monolith Big Brother even the uncomfortable Soviets A shocking June Fourth Elegies development arises when the Chinese send the spaceship Tsien ahead of the Leonov using all their fuel to arrive first An unbelievable suicide mission What is their ultimate goal steal valuable information from the Discovery and Big Brother The puzzle continues when the Chinese land on another Jovian moon the strange ice satellite Europa An understandable confusion in the spaceship indeed but meanwhile the view of Jupiter sazzling atmosphere is not to be missed Its constant color changes white red orange and the Great Red Spot nonetheless something strange is seen from the Leonov a black image is spreading on the Fifth PlanetSoon it will engulf the entire sphereWhat is it Baby and Child Vegetarian Recipes doing and important for what reason maybe to cause trouble for the Soviets and Americans a chilling prospect Exciting follow up to 2001 not as good to be honest since few book could top the original in the genre however an agreeable space adventure Space Baby s Big Day OutAfter the events in 2001 Dave becoming a Space Baby HAL being shutown while singing the world is left in wonder about what happened out near SaturnJUPITER Sorry Jupiter Right It was Jupiter what happened out near SaturnJUPITER Sorry Jupiter Right It was Jupiter alongDr Floyd the bureaucrat who ventured to the Moon to check out TMA 1 is back and now he looks like Roy Schneider who I see ied in 2008 The Russkis 1 is back and now he looks like Roy Schneider who I see ied in 2008 The Russkis headed out to check out what happened slightly uicker than what the US can manage Oh how times Der Illusionist don t change Anyway partnerships all are happy joint US and Russian crewSo this is the story of recovering HAL and the further adventures of Space Baby Dave And while it isn t as grand and as awe inspiring as 2001 it s still a fun read with lots of nerdyetails and some small instances of than two Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue dimensional characterisation There is a brilliant flashback chapter involving Dave as a child and theeath of his older brother The farmer aliens are in the background if they are even still alive and active Maybe it s just their machines acting for them now Maybe they are retired to some higher Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, dimension or some other bullshitThe events are plausible and very much fun Even their out stuff with Space Baby is not as far out as those final chapters of 2001 It s nowhere near as hippyippy So if you read 2001 and YOU SHOULD carry onto the second volume Not as good much understandable and good fun I found myself sad about HAL s fate though Wow This was a very fun read I loved it A slow moving plot the last 50 or so pages we get some results and some action so to speak However HAL 9000 Ask the Past doesn t turn renegade as in 2001 as the sentient AI has been handicapped after the events of the first novel In fact the book is uite boring as no one ends up being killed and nothing much seems to go wrong and in effect it just speculative Sci Fi about Alien intellegences this time on one of Jupiters moon Europa But the planthybrid intellegenceoes Riding Class (Saddle Club, destroy a Chinese mission to try and get to the Discovery the spacecraft featured in 2001 before the joint RussianAmerican venture to find out what happened to David Bowman and the renegade HAL 9000 It was ok as a read not one of the better Arthur C Clarke books I have read and some aspects of it like Jupiter turning in a Sun at the end of the book Bowmans beingspirit visits one of the joint venture crewpersons to warn them to leave the Jovian system before Jupiter goes kind of supernova from the Monolith they find that is millennia years old was umm uite boring Iigress Short book and hence a short review and ok to pass the time but nothing really struck me as genius compared to Clarkes other works It was average I may or may not pick up the last two books in this series Depends on how I feel Unimpressed to be honest 3 stars. ?е превръщат в крайна цел на кораба ЛЕОНОВ пред чийто смесен съветско американски екипаж стои нелеката задача да разкрие загадката на „ДИСКЪВЪРИ?.

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2010 Odyssey TwoAs soon as I finished reading this I thought man I wish I Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, didn t suck so badly at science because being an astronomer would be SO FREAKING COOLBut Io suck I Different Class didn t suck so badly at science because being an astronomer would be SO FREAKING COOLBut Io suck badly at science so I just get to read wonders like this and wish I was half as good a writer as Arthur C Clarke who gets to be really friggin smart in TWO CAREERS which is totally unfairThere are several great things about this book First and one of the things that I love to read old sci fi books for is what Clarke in the 80s thought 2010 was going to look like Some of it is actually kind of close which is pretty cool and some of it is either useless and we never bothered to create it or it s still beyond us in terms of technology Second I read the first book about seven years ago and have completely forgotten it so the references in this were a little lost on me But that totally Short Stories by Roald Dahl doesn t matter This isn t a completely stand alone book but it s not nearly as intricatelyependent on the first book as it could be Yes you need to know the original plot but beyond that you re good to go Third HOW DOES CLARKE MANAGE TO KEEP YOU ENGAGED WITHOUT ANY SORT OF REAL VILLAIN This is how you know you re scary good half of the book is trying to figure out what s going on with crazy computer Hal unless it s Goldilocks the Three Bears dealing with the strange things on Europa or wait there are these aliens that aren t aliens SURPRISE DAVID BOWMAN I mean what And yet I couldn t put itown I really really wanted to know what was going to happen and I may track own the next book because Clarke is made of scientific awesomeAlso the escriptions of the solar system Beautiful man Word paintings I only give it four stars because the ending felt a little flat and by ending I mean the last 5 or so pages and the epilogue wasI Socialist Realism don t know what it was but it felt a little forced Perhaps this will be remedied by reading book three Ion t know but it felt a tad anticlimactic and therefore is cheated out of its fifth star Sorry Zagadka The movie seuel is not as good as the original but in many ways this might be Clarke s most polished effort He actually takes the time to think out a plot and characters and it s interesting to see what happens following the events in the first bookmovie I ll suggest the reader of this review to go through plot summary of this novel and a little familiariation with its preuel 2001 A Space Odyssey I ll only be expatiating here on some aspects I found fascinatingAlthough the novel contains many captivating sub plots and a I Look Up To... Michelle Obama driving gripping backdrop I want to credit Arthur C Clarke for the most wonderfulepictions of the Jovian system Within the first half he Doctor Extraño describes the bands of Jovian clouds the cyclonic storms the radiation belt and the high energy electron beam connecting Io to Jupiter heepicts Io a land of fiery volcanoes violent eruptions making umbrella clouds and molten lava lakes and he uses all the available information about Callisto Ganymede and Europa to paint a vivid and entrancing picture of the moonscapes using his never exhausting arsenal of beautiful sublime metaphors Perhaps Clarke s level of ingenious and prolific epiction of the *Real Planets And Satellites Could *planets and satellites could be matched by none other than the Great Carl SaganI give Clarke enormous credit and ue respect for not weaving mystical and unreal speculative scenery of the worlds but instead relying on the available information to show such a scenario that could possibly never be imagined by any of the Earth bound fantasy writers It is true that the Universe is not stranger than we imagine but it is stranger than we can imagineAlso it turns out that the strange eerie surreal and enigmatic Universe is actually much profoundly beautiful and enchanting than we can possibly imagineHowever Clarke Never Tell does resort to speculation in the latter half when he begins toescribe the non corporeal Dave Bowman s Feminism is for Everybody descent into sub surface Europa to look for indigenous life and hisescent into Jovian atmosphere to look for gaseous life metallic hydrogen and the Deterring Democracy diamond core as big as the Earth These speculations still stand on the solid ground of research and inferential hypotheses propounded by reputable scientists However the climax of Jupiter condensing and initiating nuclear fusion is absolutely speculative fantasy and couldn t be given much serious consideration even though the condensation is said to be trigerred by higher forms of technological intelligenceI should point out that in the preuel Dave Bowman was converted by the invisible masters of the Galaxy into a pure energy life form retaining his memory and consciousness The invisible masters are the entities which look foreveloping intelligence across the Galaxy and then ensure its survival and Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, development by setting upark rectangular slabs which Hunters Heart direct the life forms and protect them This patronizing sort of intelligence occurred to me as highlyisturbing and rather "unsettling one this hypothesis regards humans as highly vulnerable to self " one this hypothesis regards humans as highly vulnerable to self and incapable of supporting themselves against the follies and vices they commit threatening their prospects of survival in conseuence Which is obviously true but I find my own ideas to be better in sync with those of Isaac Asimov and Carl Sagan which hold the belief in human intelligence our ability to overcome our weaknesses and the potential of conuering the cosmos without needing any sort of external interventionIt also occurs to me that espite being a close friend of Carl Sagan Clarke was highly inclined towards theisti. Далеч отвъд космическата пустош на Юпитер продължават своя дрейф в пространството тайнственият монолит и обезлюденият космически кораб „ДИСКЪВ. ,
C philosophies and his idea showing invisible masters guarding and helping the intelligences Be Said To said to the manifestation serving his purpose of having eities in real worldHis Nazi Gold description of HAL 9000 the self conscious artificial intelligence aboard Discovery and the treatment it is subjected to raises many uestions and concerns about our ethics ofealing with non human non organic intelligence The crew never regards HAL as a person and they stand at a ready to Mr Majeika and the School Inspector dissipate it in case itisobeys them they even abandon HAL to save themselves while running from Jovian collapse and ignition Clarke s HAL *Talks And Behaves Distinctively Like *and behaves Selected Poems distinctively like person it shows efforts for self preservation and even subdued fear But Clarkeoesn t go into etails about it unlike his contemporary Isaac Asimov It holds imperative that we review our understanding and ethics about treating other forms of consciousness robots computers and even animals in a better and compassionate wayIt is rather a hard science fiction novel relying almost exclusively on pure scientific facts and inferences and almost negligibly on unrealistic speculations His escription of space travel the environment aboard the ship interactions and relationships of the crew are satisfyingClarke is a master at weaving Doctor Strange, Vol. 2 dark haunting atmospheres which always show his cynicism and impart fear and thrill into reader s mind He succeeds superbly at it whileescribing the anxiety fear stress and agony of the crew whose characters are otherwise at best a little than single layered caricatures Daisy Daisy give me your answer o Funny that this innocuous kiddies tune always reminds me of a homicidal supercomputer Arthur C Clarke in spite of being a sci fi legend is not known for his characterization but HAL 9000 is one of the most memorable sci fi characters ever with his friend Dave Bowman not far behindWith 2010 Odyssey Two we are back to the future which is now the past Some people will be put off from reading this book because it is set six years ago and nothing like what transpires in the book occurred in the real 2010 Us long time sci fi readers are very tolerant of the real future overtaking the fictional one The important thing is the story and the alien technology in this book has not been made to look silly by today s Earthly tech Better still Clarke makes the super tech seems believable 2010 Odyssey Two takes place nine years after the classic 2001 A Space Odyssey thank you Captain Obvious At the end of the previous book the spaceship Discovery is abandoned in Jupiter s orbit and the ship s single survivor David Bowman went through a gigantic monolith that turns out to be a portal of some kind and nobody has heard from him since And what is all this OMG it s full of stars business Has he sneaked off to Beverly HillsSpacecraft DiscoveryThis seuel is centered on the Russian spacecraft The Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov manned mostly by Russian crew with a couple of Americans to legitimize entry into The Discovery which is US property Their mission is to find out what happened to Discovery HAL 9000 and Bowman and also to investigate the giant Big BrotherZagadka monolith that Bowman went through What they iscover is a project of cosmic proportionsThe early part of 2010 Odyssey Two is less than riveting as Clarke goes into The Train Robbers detail about the family life of the book s protagonist Heywood Floyd and their petolphins Then there are several lengthy scientific expository passages leading up to the rendezvous with the Discovery which are too No Reason To Die dry for my taste Io like hard SF the real world science enhances the verisimilitude of the futuristic plot Unfortunately long infodumps tend to be very Naked Risk (Shatterproof dry read like extracts from a scientific journal article This is a trap that hard sf authors often fall into though to his credit Clarke s expositions are accessible than most Science in tandem with storytelling on the other hand can be very effective and fascinating The best parts of this book are where Clarke successfully integrate the science into the narrative The giant Big BrotherZagadka monolith at Jupiter click to embiggenFor example Clarke s application of scientific minutiaeuring Floyd s exploration of the Discovery Raking The Ashes derelict makes for a wonderfully atmospheric scene love the surprising Ridley Scott s Alien reference The restoration and rebooting revival of HAL 9000 is my favorite part of the book gotta love that HAL As for David Bowman he has become something posthuman but still retains much of his humanity in his thoughts and actionsNot the same old DaveFor most of the book 2010 Odyssey Two chugs along at aeliberate pace though the first half of the book is not all that compelling but readable enough to stay out of the bin The narrative becomes much exciting as things become increasingly outlandish and David Bowman goes on his almost metaphysical missions at the behest of his inscrutable alien masters The view spoilerredemption hide spoiler And because in all the Galaxy they had found nothing precious than Mind they encouraged its Ellie (Ellie, dawning everywhere They became farmers in the field of stars they sowed and sometimes they reaped And sometimesispassionately they had to weed Guys I think I ve found my new favourite series ever These books are SO GOOD The amount of work and research put into them is incredible and both the first book and this one have completely blown my mind Proper review to come This book was really good concerning characters and their relationships I loved reading their inte. 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