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A Million Miles from Boston

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I found this book to be endeering Lucy is going to be in 7th grade and is getting eady for changes in life with a new school She likes things to stay the same and not to change she so is looking forward to Pierson Point for the summer There she finds everything stays the same there She has plans she will start a camp for the kids that live there during the summer and she will be drawing in the book she draws in every year This summer the book she draws every year This summer will find out will not be like those she has had every summer of her life on the point She will find that her former science partner who by the way is a jerk will be in her life this summer She will find that she still mournes the mother who passed away when she was six yearsold she will find her dad has a new loveThis young adult book was good it took me back to the changes I went through when I was in middle school It eminded me that life is all about change Lucy also has a black lab and that took me back to one that I had I found this book to even be one that adu. School's out That means Lucy is off to her favorite place Pierson Point Maine where she spends summers with her family And as she tries to forget her worries about starting middle school and about Dad's new girlfriend Lucy can't get there soon enough Pierson Poin. Lts can find entertaining I gave it four stars because I sat down and Liar, Liar read it all in one dayseading Karen Day is a gifted story teller A great book I love the voice of the story This book Essays One reminds me of something I would haveead when I was a kid not that it s out of touch or dated but just that it s the kind of beautiful simple story that I would have loved in grade school that I would have wanted to ead again and again There s no gimmick no vampires wizards or talking dogs Not that those are bad things this is just a different kind of book What there is is the well crafted story of a young girl on the cusp of her teens This is her last summer before middle starts she just got her ears pierced and her has she just got her ears pierced and her father has seriously dating someone since her mother died six years before But Lucy doesn t like change especially when it occurs at Pierson s Point where she has spent every s I ve ead all of Karen Day s work and eally love it but A Million Miles From Boston is her most universall. T
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where she most like herself and where memories of her mother who died when Lucy was six are strong and sacredBut this summer nothing is the same Ian a boy from home in Boston comes to Pierson Point with his family Ian is loud popular and mean He and Lu. Y powerful book yet Her ealistic treatment of the emotional Subtleties Associated With Lucy 12 Yr Old Main Character Is associated with Lucy 12 yr old main character is Her writing is alive because she portrays life as it is and I find myself Engaged In The Emotional Unfolding Of Her in the emotional unfolding of her while engrossed in the storysetting I also love that I want my children to ead this book I look forward to the family discussion about the elements that are elevant to all home comfort conflict anticipation Omnibus Films responsibility hope generosity belief impressions companionship trustisk and change Highly Graeco-Egyptian Magick recommend to all This was a uick easyead but very nice It eminded me of a Sarah Dessen book but with younger characters I loved the setting and the
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I FELT in this setting and loved itThis dog gosh I wanted this dog Can I have Superior I loved the issues and everything about the book It was shorter than I normally like so it was uick It was easy but I still loved it I would be interested in eading from Karen Day I should look into that. Cy can't stand each other To top it off Dad wants his girlfriend to become a bigger part of Lucy's lifeKaren Day's engaging novel shows that people aren't always what they seem and that friendship can be found in the most unusual places From the Hardcover edition.

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