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The Crime Trade (Tina Boyd lHe Englishanguage His characters are well crafted and his story ine is solid and his sense of place is right on A few weeks have passed since I ve read vacations and such so I ve been neglectful of my GR reviewing duties Written in 1953 DLT is one MacDonald stand alone not Travis McGee efforts As MacDonald takes everyday standard stuff the construction business real estate alone not Travis McGee efforts As usual MacDonald takes everyday standard stuff the construction business real estate turns it into a soup of jealousy booze sex and mayhem In this case Andy McClintock a hard working college boy sick of the New York scene and seeking to make a new start with a hard driving developer John Long who ately seems to have something weighing on this mind That something is John s wife Mary Eleanor Long a piece of sweet talking s wife Mary Eleanor Long a piece of sweet talking trash who scoots in to the company parking ot one night with her ready to go MG Andy s working ate and it s hot and sweaty in the office The two go for a drive and have a drink Mary Eleanor is so worried about John Could Andy find out what s wrong RightThings for Andy go downhill from there Like earlier JM readings these novels 50 plus years old now are still fresh I m fascinated with MacDonald s chronicle Mamá lament for a fast changing Florida but also a fast changing nation Those changes especially among the younger and hipper bunch MacDonald views with a jaundiced eye and the Evil in this effort is dark indeed It s not some sort of conservativeiberal thing with MacDonald There s to it He senses something dark in the American heart that s coming and to the surface Anyway it s a tight When Mutants Attack! (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles little novel though I thought was starting to drift into a bit to. Tock is stuck toiling in the office of a construction company But when Andy tries to uit his boss offers him a promotion and a raise and then promptly kills himself with a harpoon gun Ateast that’s what it Fearless (Nashville Nights, looksike until the police rule it homicide with the murder weapon belonging to AndyThe harpoon gun had been stolen out

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O comfortable of an ending And then the hook What a pro MacDonald was This has always been one of my favorite MacDonald novels I read ate in the night not wanting to put it down just as I had back in those reading under the covers with a flashlight days unlike soft touch this a flashlight days Unlike Soft Touch this is not a classic noir We have the everyman protagonist who is seemingly set up by the femme fatale but this is a mystery that needs to be solved rather than a descent into noir fatalism at Novelas de Isabel Allende least from the protagonist s perspective Most of the other characters however do not fare so well Bit of aove story in this one too but it seems organic rather than gratuitous and that elevates this one from the otherwise despairing depths One of my favorite John D MacDonald novels It was tight interesting and the narrative moved An early gem from JDM one of my Dreams Made Flesh (The Black Jewels, late father s favorite writers To avoid spoilers Il just say that this short novel is expertly plotted and paced with plenty of surprises As an aside as much as I ove the Travis McGee books his non series books seem to have aged better Published in 1953 Dead Low Tide is an early example of MacDonald s take on real estate developers whose draglines and dredges inexorably alter Florida coasts MacDonald also explores the nature of the sociopath here The antagonist of Dead Low Tide is a very spooky stone cold killer of a type echoed in several of the McGee novels especially A Tan and Sandy Silence Most of all Andy McClintock is uite the romantic errant knight beneath an indifferent surface Much as he and McGee might pretend otherwise McClintock cheris. F Andy’s garage and the boss’s wife makes the outrageous claim that she and Andy were having an affair He’s been set up To clear his name he’ll have to find the real killer But Andy soon discovers that he’s up against than a two bit thief he’s been targeted by absolute evil a monster with no compassion for his fellow ,

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Written in 1953 Andy McClintock is an early version of Travis McGee without the boat Mary Eleanor is sort of Raymond Chandler evil character This was another thrilling and compelling read from the reliable John DAs usual John D gives us defined and colorful characters in a Florida setting that he would come to use so often ater on in his Travis McGee series This book was particularly full of unexpected turns and twists While I paid close attention I did not predict such twists et alone solve the mystery John D kept me guessing until the very endThis book also hints at a ove story element which I found uite touching and one of my favorites of any that I ve read in John D s books John D is not a romance novelist far from it but the romance element in this book was perhaps the
most touching of 
touching of that I ve read in his books thus far There was a ot about this novel that I Becoming Violet loved MacDonald knows how to create characters that you care about I alsoiked the way he sets the novel in a place in this case the west coast of Florida in the 195os I remember first reading MacDonald years ago in his Travis McGee novels also set in Florida So w see a Florida that is rapidly disappearing in a time thetas similar to now but Different In So Many in so many If you have read MacDonald before this is a good one to revisit If you have never read him you are in for a treat DLT is a earlier classic John D novel one that has aged very nicely Serial Killer Quarterly Vol.2 No.7 Psychotic Killers like a fine wineIt is very clear that this book and author werear Dead High Angle Rescue Techniques low tideIt is delightful to read and reread a book by an author who has command of Dead Low Tide is an iconic early thriller from John D MacDonald the mastermind behind Cape Fear and the Travis McGee novels On the coast of Florida a working stiff is wrongfully accused of murdering his boss and must outwit one of MacDonald’s signature villains to save hisifeA college graduate and amateur fisherman Andy McClin. ,
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