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Feminization and Chastity Training for the Sissy Husband (The League of Dominant Women dOcolate One night at work he meets Nicole a single mother of three not looking for yet another future ex boyfriend to add to her roster and mostefinitely not a stripper This book was a urban romance novel where Nicole learns to stop judging and judge Charles by his actions not his job title This book was an amazing read and The Club of Angels definitely not the simple hood story I expected it to be Iefinitely judged this book wrong by it s cover and I m glad I took the plunge I bought this book because of all the good reviews and the fact that I had read another book by this author and loved it the cover Blue Skies and Gunfire didn t hurt either LOL I was a little skeptical at first because the main character is a stripper but hey they need love too so why not read about itThis is not your typical romance novel Charles is a stripper and an ex con and Nicole is a single mom of 3 There are baby mamas and babyaddies to contend with The language is rough And while this is probably not considered urban or street lit which I on t like it s probably fairly close But the story is so real and the characters "are so relatable that you can t help but enjoy it I LOVED Charles he "so relatable that you can t help but enjoy it I LOVED Charles he so etermined to o the right thing both for himself and everybody else Nicole was such a sweetheart and a good mom I loved her interactions with Shawn and thought the way that his a sweetheart and a good mom I loved her interactions with Shawn and thought the way that his was ealt with was so on pointKeith Thomas Walker is a wonderful storyteller He told this story from both Charles and Nicole s perspective and id a great job The cast of characters were a mess I started reading this on the subway and struggled not to laugh out loud at the scene in the beginning when Nicole was at work and Twyla thought she put the customer on hold and was talking crazy with the Rat Pack Oh no I idn t mean you ma am Too funny And Stacy didn t mean you ma am Too funny And Stacy s baby mama also had me Born Fighting dying laughing when he went to pick up CJ for the familyate Where that ho park Who is you just ratchet but Dr. Simon Forman don t we all know somebody like this He really brought all the characters to life Wellone sir well Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside done I ve already bought The Realest Ever and I m sure I ll be checking out your other books as well Keep up the good work and keep the good stories coming. Er exes might be a stalker Can Charles and Nicole find happiness or is their wild rideestined for failure Anything's possible when you give in to the possibility of true love. Dripping ChocolateLoved it This author is soo realI love "that his love stories are both heartwarming but "his love stories are both heartwarming but believable Everything in this story could have really happened He writes both heartwarming but believable Everything in this story could have really happened He writes story so that it s not boring but believable This was a very heart warming and realistic story Nicole your typical hard working loving mother who just want the best for her children with friends voicing their opinions regarding someone else life Charles a sexy ex con who is A Wartime Nurse doing everything in his power not to go back to jail take care of his kids but surrounded by all kinds of negativitySome how they find each other and beat all odds Must read Ok this was kinda stressful I may need aay and a glass of wine before I write a review 24 hours laterWhew Ok This is a good contemporary novel with an unfortunate title and a ridiculous cover I actually passed it over several times because I couldn t take it seriously Had it not been for a random free read I would never have given this a second glance I Split digressThis is not erotica not really romance but in my opinion very much street lit or urban lit or whatever baby mamasoughboys hood life collouial ialogue and two hopelessly clueless main characters Nowfor a lot of readers this life collouial ialogue and two hopelessly clueless main characters Nowfor a lot of readers this a turn off and I totally get that But it is indeed a story that makes you care about the characters immensely and takes you through All in all it was a good book When I saw the cover I thought the book was going to be about the life of a male strippers but once I started reading I realized that it is really about two emotionally Sword of Honour Second To None draining people who are just looking for love view is from Dripping Chocolate Kindle EditionHmmmmmmmmmmmmm I need me some of that Dripping Chocolate I m not sure what I expected from thus story but I got it and a whole lot This was an extremelyeep story I absolutely love it when the author include children and give them true inclusion in the story Charles and Nicole s story was Magical and nothing less than Amazing Keith Thomas Walker us uickly becoming one if my favorite authors Great Job Keith Keith Thomas Walker s Dripping Chocolate is a romantic tale with an urban twist The characters are not your usual upper crust lovers living fantas. Nicole should've known better than to hook up with an exotic ancer Charles Hester aka Dripping Chocolate is mouth wateringly fine but he came with two baby mamas a prison rap.

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Tic lives in ideal settings coping with a complex complicated love The characters are true to form working class single parents making it in the world nicole a mother it in the world Nicole a mother three works in a call center where her coworker girlfri This was a good book Loved the story of Charles and Nicole I wish we had Charles in the world We are attracted to what we visually see first Good looks on t keep one interested for too long This was a gripping story of a young good looking statuesue man trying to get his life right and staying on a straight and narrow after getting out of prison and a young beautiful curvaceous hard working lady and mother who couldn t rely on her baby Perfect Girl Evolution Vol. 6 daddies to care for their children so sheid the best with what she could when she could and tried to find love The odds were stacked against them because of Charles profession as a stripperhis baby mommas and his backgroud in addition to Nicole s nosey friends and not to mention her crazy ex boyfriend I could never forget Charles He is mentally embedded into my brain LOL There were a few editing erros overall a good "Romance Book Which I Recommend "book which I recommend those who enjoy romance novels My first book by this author but efinitely not my last I wasn t gonna read this book BUTFrom the blurb and first page I was pulled in Nicole and Charles are both in transitioning in their lives when they meet one another Nicole is getting out of a bad relationship and turning a year older and Charles is getting out of prison looking to live a free legal lifestyle What they encounter I can t even put into words You just have to read and live their story Great work Mr Walker This was my first Keith Walker book but efinitely not my last I think he needs to change the cover art or the title as both were reasons why I was hesitant to give this book a shot but boy am I glad I Dark Ties (Broken Saints Society did Charles Hester is an ex con ex gangsta and ex hoodlum that has served his time for his crime and ready to get back out into the world and be a productive citizen Heidn t realize tho how hard it would be for an ex felon to get a job and trying not to have to resort back to selling Um Fogo Eterno drugshe takes a job at a male strip club where they named him Dripping Ch. Sheet and plentyrama Charles swears he's on the right track now and it's not like Nicole oesn't have baggage of her own She's struggling to raise three children and one of ,