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Firestorm Destroyermen #6

read ¾ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ç Taylor Anderson

Now a lengthy two front warThe war has become a long term two front war and a short term three front war Even as the allies grow stronger and improve their weapons the Grik have new weapons developed by their Japanese allies Even the Doms present a surprise weapon This appears to be developing into a lengthy nearly world war stretching from East Africa India and Ceylon to Hawaii and the western portions of North and South America You could East Africa India and Ceylon to Hawaii and the western portions of North and South America You could No Limits (Brutal Master retitle this book And then For example And thenthey sent an expedition to South Africa And thenthere were Dominion troops hidden in the woods And thenthey mounted guns on theireconnaisance planes And thenZEPPELINSThe zeppelins are especially important because now we eally know it s alternate historyI know that and then could be used as a description of the way any plot driven book is structured but Firestorm eally brings it to the fore It mostly seems like a bridge between Rising Tides and Iron Gray Sea and now that I think about it I think Rising Tides would have been a much better title for this book that s a continuing series of oneupmanship between the Grand Alliance the Grik Empire and the Dominion The Grand Alliance uses one trick the the Grik come up with something then the Grand Alliance comes up with something to counter it then the Grik surprise everyone and use a new strategy etc and the same thing for the Grand Alliance and the DominionIn that way the book is
predictable because every time the or the Grand Alliance despite featuring prominently in the action the Dominion has basically no viewpoint time in the book come up with a new plan to overcome their enemies it s obvious that the other side is going to come up with a new plan to top that and then after they deploy that plan their opponents are going to come up with a new plan in an endless cycle of epetition However that does make the book exciting and I found myself caught with two conflicting imperatives On the one hand when I wasn t actively eading Firestorm I wasn t eally that interested in picking it up again but when I was eading it I found myself eagerly devouring it with the aim towards finding out what the next scheme wasThe worldbuilding continues to be a major bright spot and one of the easons I like the Destroyermen series so much is seeing exactly how much has changed from Earth and how those changes have cascaded into but. Lieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy and the crew of the USS Walker find themselves caught between the nation they swore to defend and the allies they promised to prot. ,

Terfly effects I was especially interested in the scraps of info Firestorm gave about the fauna of The Americas Which Even In Americas which even in brief description of the megafauna sounds very different than the primarily lizard and dinosauroid based life we ve seen up until this point I could put up with a lot to see what new things the crew of the Walker will discover next and this book didn t euire me to put up with too muchUnfortunately that statement applies two ways and I think that s Why I Wasn T I wasn t fond of the ending I suspect the whole book is basically one long buildup to Iron Gray Sea and in terms of plot not all that much happens Ceylon gets invaded but the Grand Alliance doesn t make it to India New Ireland is etaken but the war doesn t push all the way to the Dominion The ending is just another big AND THEN with a lot of treading water and minimal forward movement It eminds me of Lord of Chaos honestly where if you dial down to the details there are a lot of things that happen but it s mostly a lot of bouncing around between character viewpoints and little overall plot advancement I can only hope this isn t the beginning of a slide that ends in to pick the worst of all possible worlds Tom Kratman having to finish the Destroyermen series after Anderson s death Then we d learn that the eal eason the Grik are so psychotically evil is because travelers from our world converted them is Islam Although I guess the Grik are kind of Communist and the Grand Alliance did just introduce gold backed currencyIt s a workmanlike
in the series but I glad Iron Grey Sea is already out and I don t have to wait to ead it At this point if you e still eading the Destroymen you e pretty well committed Wish I had a profound eview beyond I liked itA few twists and turns but nothing thats earth shattering given the setup and events that occurred in the past books If you ve ead any of the Destroyermen books and there s no point in beginning with this book if you haven t ead its predecessors then this is everything you ve come to expect from the series In fact I haven t bothered to eview books 2 5 largely because the uality tone and general feel of the books doesn t vary much from one to the next The biggest change is that while the first few books eminded me of Burroughs and his lost worlds with their focus on the USS Walker s efforts to save the cat monkey people Lemuri. Ect For even as the Allies and the Empire of New Britain Isles stand united against the attacks of both the savage Grik and the tenacious Japanese the Holy Dominion. .
Ans against the depredations of "the y Grik the last couple books have bent towards Turtledove or Stirling with their " y Grik the last couple books have bent towards Turtledove or Stirling with their human civilizations the New British Imperials and the Aztec Catholic Holy Dominion Anyway in Firestorm the world grows larger as the action moves to Saaylon and the New British colonies on the west coast of North America as the American Lemurian Alliance against the Gr Firestorm Destroyermen USS Walker might not be a Texas Ranger but she would do Chuck Norris ProudUSS Walker sails full steam ahead into deeper dangers despite Dominion Doms dastardly duplicitous deeds dealing death and destruction ight back into the new menace facing them flying Grik s grimacing faces The alliance grows but in doing so it needs to protect and cover expanding territory extending its protection and spreading its forces to the breaking point Forces beyond control force a multi front war into the laps of the Human Cat coalition The strange storms that brought Walker and her crew continue to cause transferencesAre you Ready Or are you Reddy Holy Kissing cousin of circumstance BataanEither way new Japanese menaces sail the savage seas some willing to esort to cannibalism of captives that will never get the chance to struggle through the igors of a Death March on this new Bataan less world Once exiled Japanese crewmen eturn leading Samurai Cats to save some from the stewpot if only for another day to face other dangers Technological advances sea saw the balance of power changing the course of the war on both sides The Grik s are learning if only by attrition that some things take than just waves of cannon fodder and that the meat grinders can grind exceedingly fine Even the grist of the mill might have some value in the hands of capable leaders who are slowly learning to espond and mold the emains into something so ultimately un Grik like as to closely approximate intelligent esponses to danger including the human standby that he who survives to fight another day might just have to un away to do it ather than fight until death that dayTraitors nearly cut the legs out from under New Britain s chances much as the Dominion and the Companies perfidy launched the earlier attack on the civilians at the Dueling Grounds which almost caused the loss of the Governors legs From Whom Words Shadow Doles DOLE archaic one s allotted share portion or destiny. A warped mixture of human cultures whose lust for power overshadows even the Grik is threatening to destroy them both with a devastating weapon neither can withstand. .

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