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The title may be Nobody Else less than original but the story has plenty going for itPanther shape shifters a species as old as ours have existed alongside us in absolute secrecy Each continent has its own Pride with all the members of the Prideiving together They re not immortal but sleep rejuvenates them and allows them to What She Really Wants for Christmas (Harlequin Blaze lead a slightlyonger healthier Protecting Holly life They re very uninhibited sexually and promiscuous until they find their mate the one panther meant for them It s only with their mate and only in panther form that they can conceive and so the panther population isow and well protectedIn the first story Claim Me Antonio has just inherited the North American Pride from his father Esteban now dead Having spent the Unexpected Bride (The Wedding Party, last fifteen years with the South American Pride he barely knows his younger twin brothers Ricardo and Diego and hasn t seen his sister Andrea for aong time either He brings back with him Miguel to act as his Second and a modern outlookBut even his tolerant accepting approach is tested to its Introducing Archaeology, Second Edition limit when he finds his mate Solana and discovers she s a non shifter a rare panther born with the heightened sensesike eyesight and strength but without the ability to shift Which means no children for them For the The Best Man (Alpha Men, leader of a Pride to take a non shifter as mate is unthinkable but he can t stay away from her Solana persecuted most of herife by other panthers because of her ack of shifting ability wants him to stay away but can t resist the draw of mates How can they reconcile their desire for each other with the needs of the prideThe second story Take Me brings Antonio s sister Andrea back from her clothing designer business to the #Pride Having run away at a young age her past haunts her # Having run away at a young age her past haunts her her mate Miguel sets off a whirlwind of desire but she s determined not to et a male control her again and sets imits on their relationship that nearly ruin them Can Miguel help her face her demons and convince her he won t hurt her Can she ever trust himNeed Me the third story focuses on wild playboy twins Ric and Diego awyers by day tag team by night They always take their women together and when Isabel turns up from the European Pride seeking asylum and they discover they re both her mates it seems a perfect match But Isabel is reluctant to commit while a panther from the Spanish pride is making the insane demand that he s her mate and the twins take their dare devil antics to ife threatening heights iterally On the Prowl is perfectly structured introducing the characters and panther world at a steady pace building on the culture with each story The stories focus on relationships and it makes a nice change that even though fate has predetermined who their mates are it doesn t make for an instant perfect relationship they have to work at itWhich brings me to the characters I need strong character development and even though Jordan is working with short stories here she uses the space she has well in creating engaging passion driven characters who have some pretty darn good excuses to resist the mating thing They aren t complicated characters but they are endearing I especially iked Miguel and the twins banterThe novel is erotica as well as romance and we get all the classic positions places a bit of ight bondage and a M nage trois The prose carries the graphic scenes without Mischief 24/7 (Sunshine Girls, letting it slip into the indulgent and over the top Christine Feehan style or tacky or awkward It s easy to get swept up in the characters um experimentation While the novel never grabbed meike Kresley Cole or Beth Kery two of my favourite romance and erotic romance writers it held its own when the premise could have been downright silly and cheesy Besides that I ove Big Cats always need capitals so Jordan was always going to win me over there Claim MeAntonioSolanaI DIDNT LIKE HOW SOLANA JUST GAVE IN TO HER DESIRE SHE S ALL LIKE WE CAN T DO THISAND NEXT THING YOU KNOW THEIR DOING JUST THAT AGAINST THE WALL LIKE SERIOUSLY IF SHE CAN T HOLD HER CONTROL IN OR DESIRE FROM ANTONIO THAN JUST DON T ACT LIKE SHE S STRONG WHEN SHE S NOT I DONT LIKE CHARACTERS THAT THINK THEIR INDEPENDENT BUT ISNT ONE BIT THAT ALPHA GIRLGUY THEY THINK THEY AREAS FOR ANTONIO I THINK HE S A JERK AREAS FOR ANTONIO I THINK HE S A JERK NOT WANTING TO RISK IT ALL TO MATE WITH SOLANAAntonio finds marcos juan and robertopanthers from his pride wanting to hurt his mateTurns out they wanto to hurt her because she s a non shifter and has no pride meaning that she can Unnoted BDSM themes inc. Meet the Cruz brothers They ook human except for the golden sheen their eyes take when they're aroused beyond controland the way their claws come out when it's time to play rough They're Panthers ancient shapeshifters and their survival depends on mating to bring out their wild sidesUndeniableWhen Antonio On The ProwlT care and how he wanted to #Change The PrideI Didn T Like Take # the PrideI didn t ike Take At first I When Da Silva Breaks the Rules (Blood Brothers, liked it but it just seemed to drag on The ending of the story was actually decent but over all I just couldn t seem to enjoy Andrea and Miguel s story at allI think Need Me was my favorite out of all 3 Iiked the twins and their need to do everything together if you know what I mean wink wink I felt for Isabel and the things that had shaped her The Billionaires Runaway Bride life This was definitely the hottest and steamiest of the stories and Ioved itThe only real problem I had with the writing was when the author would write and he froze when the men were at their point of climax Ummmm men don t freeze unless they want to not climax so this was a huge contradiction that annoyed the hell out of me A Fifty Ways To Be Your Lover lot She used it aot I think had the middle story been better I could have given it a 4 Worth the Read but alas it wasn t Good but there is way to much sex I wish there was story instead On the hunt for a great shifter book Let me recommend On the Prowl by Crystal Jordan Her talented writing imaginative plots one heck of a sexy panther shifter tale I Caught on Camera with the CEO loved this booket me tell you why Characters characters charactersshe made them Wyoming Strong (Wyoming Men, loveable and interesting The romance tension and steamy hot sex scenes that we have all come toove or maybe even crave are abundant The struggles were believable the bantering was endearing And THE TWINS by far my favorite unforeseen dilemma What I Arabian Nights liked the most was that there were three stories in this book each of which was masterfully tailored On the Prowl was very entertaining and a book that I definitely recommend Good read Single author anthology of three related and chronologically seuential shifter stories In this case they are panther shifters the three stories center around the Cruz family who are the royal family of the North American Pride based in San Francisco At the start of the book Antonio has just taken over as Prideeader and is fighting bring the Pride into a better place with the help of his twin younger brothers and Miguel his Second who is from the South American Pride Claim MeOne of the problems all panthers have is fertility children cannot be conceived unless the couple is mated which seems to be matter of fate and chemistry not just a matter of choice and must be conceived when both are in panther form Antonio gets a whiff of his mate and tracks her down only to find out she is an outcast of his own pack because she is a panther who cannot shift her form If it was solely up to him he would bring her home but the politics of the situation might start a civil war or harm the pack in its standing with other packs But they can t seem to stay away from each other despite all this There s a Enchanting Baby (The Birth Place lot ofingering Wild Nights with Her Wicked Boss lust and they have the whole star crossedovers thing going on but fortunately it works out better for them in the endTake MeAntonio s sister Andrea Midsummer Night (Lady Julia Grey, left the pack of her own choice to get away from mistreatment Now she must return to offer heroyalty oath to her brother whom she hasn t seen in 15 years and is afraid she won t be allowed to Always You leave It s politics again until Antonio has a child Andrea is the Heir to the pride and thus could be used as a political pawn against Antonio and the pride Then she meets Miguel her brother s second and recognizes him as her mate And she thought things were impossible before Miguel is thrilled to find his mate and even thrilled that she seems to enjoy the types of games he does Then he is stunned when she refuses to play them ever again since someone had betrayed her under similar circumstances Without trust on both sides how can they ever be mates Miguel has troubles of his own he is going to be forced toeave the Cruz family who he oves and return to the South American pride Andrea is his only hope of avoiding this If return to the South American pride Andrea is his only hope of avoiding this If accepts him as her mate he can stay in SF Some BDSM in this oneNeed MeThe bad boys of pantherdom Ricardo and Diego share everything from extreme sports to their work as pride awyers to their women Then Ric meets his mate and he figures everything will change until Diego walks in and also recognizes Isobel as his mate an unheard of occurrence in the world of panthers Their relationship is further complicated by a powerful stalker who is after Isobel This one contains menage sex no surprise thereEnjoyable read although it doesn t make it onto the keeper shelves I will be ooking out for other books by her This is currently a stand alone. D with daring games and teases her body with dark forbidden pleasure she can't resistIndescribableWild twins Ricardo and Diego do everything together and their women appreciate the teamwork Until shy Isabel takes refuge in their pride and both want to claim her Of course sometimes two mates are better than


Luding bondage and pain Some how this author ascribes to the belief that the cure for abuse or borderline rape is to become a sub As usual I do not appreciate incorrect psychology or ack of notice about themes that survivors would usually find upsetting rather than titillating I will be avoiding this author in the future Mrrooww On the Prowl is certainly a really hot book just as it s described on the back cover It s also a three story anthology by Crystal Jordan about a family of werepanthers and what happens when they meet their mates Undeniable is the first and ongest story which makes sense since Jordan has to set up her world and its rules Antonio is the new One-Click Buy leader of the pride Meeting his mate should be the best thing to happen to him right Well there s just a couple of problems She s an outcast who can t shift and she s not about toet him sacrifice his position in the pride for their Redeeming Claire love Silly girlIrresistible tells the tale of Miguel and Andrea Miguel is Antonio s second and Andrea is Antonio s sistershould be a match made in panther heaven But Andrea still hasn t really recovered from a traumatic sexual attack and Miguel s appetites aren t exactly something she s willing to admit she needsIndescribable is theast story about the rowdy twins Ricardo and Diego and their struggle to compromise with their mate Isabel She s running from one panther who wants to own hernow she s got twoNone of the stories are deep or necessarily surprisingbut they are all really really hot While it doesn t make the keeper shelf it did entertain me during a Return to Willow Lake (Lakeshore Chronicles long and boring flight from California to Georgia This book contains graphic descriptions of sexual activities with one two and three people including some partially shifted weres If that will offend you don t read the book TBR 96In this universe radiation poisoning has caused mutations that over time have become part of the normalife most people can shiftThree short stories all related to the same family Panthers shifters Dela CruzEasy to read uick to finish enough to satisfyview spoilerUndeniable Claim MeAntonio scents his mate and finds Solana but she can not shift Bad news is that only mated couples can have children and only when they mate as their animalHe can not stay away from her even though they try to She eventually changes having released a deep fear of changing that happened when her mother shifted in public and was shot in front herIrresistible Take Me Andrea is Antonio s sister and she is sent for when Solana is nearly due to give birth must swear allegiance to the heir of their pride yadda yadda She runs a successful fashion business outside of Pride Headuarters She is met by Miguel Antonio s second K arching There should be a bell sound in these books seriouslyHe is her mate she refuses although they do manage to have a few hot and heavy moments She does want to be tied down or dominatedthen Miguel S PRIDE RECALLS HIM TO SOUTH pride recalls him to South that is when she realises that she Fractured Memory loves himWildcard she is still Antonio s heir till baby is born and therefore she ranks higher in the panther world than him because mates are supposed to be rare he must return with her Tee He turns out she can run her company from anywhereIndescribable Need MeAntonio has twin brothers Ric and Diego a Spanish panther seeks refuge with their pride to escape unwanted advances from aeaders son who swears that she is hisDiego meets her and there is that bell sound againbut these brothers do everything together and now will be the first time they will be apart or are theyThey are both Isobel s mates Ric and Diego decide they are worthy of her and Antonio sends them on a mission to recognise a new pride in Africa when the one claiming her trys to take her from themthat does not end well claiming her trys to take her from themthat does not end well him hide spoiler Very good erotic story of twin brothers who find that their mate is Isabel Rivera Everyone sees them as playboys with wild ways However very few see that they are very hard working Case for Seduction (The Hamiltons: Laws of Love lawyers for the Pride that they belong Isabel is on the run and asking for asylum from her pride In her pride there is a man claiming that she is his mate and she can not convince her pride that this is not true This is one those 3 books in one deals Iiked the first story Claim Me I thought it was HAWT off the bat and couldn t stop reading I was drawn into the conflict of Solana not being a non shifter and the reasons why she couldn t I thought Antonio was amazing in the way he really didn. He strong sexy new Make-Believe Family leader of the Panther pride meetsuscious Solana in a dark alleyway their passion Major Attraction (Harlequin Blaze lights up the night But she's an outcast an impossible mate and her touch makes himose all controlIrresistibleEx model and businesswoman Andrea doesn't need anyone until she meets Miguel who tempts her min. ,