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Super ThinkingI have found my new favorite book and wrote 278 Anki cards to memorize all these mental models shared in the bookThis is not a book to read casually you robably wouldn t remember much of it This is a book to read slowly study and rememberThank you Gabriel Weinberg and Laurent McCann for taking the time to write this book It will help me for many years to comeI wish I had it 15 years ago but life is a never ending self improvement experience Looking forward to changing from cargo cult scientist to super thinkerNow I ll have to find Super Thinking Crash Landing (Bear Creek, partners to join me on this journey Awesome bookThe authors apparently wrote the book for themselves which makes it even useful and valuableI would haveersonally used even Piper picturesgraphs to explain and compare ideasbehaviorA book worth returning to As I read this book I would get up and go see myself in front of a mirror and say You know nothing John Snow lol This is one of those books that will change your life uproot it twist it it will literally chew you and spit out It combines the traditional and machine wisdomlearnings that is well written with examples to understandYou will think about your friends family co workers all the events in theast all the living and non living You would remember how some of these mental models were applied on you or how you unknowingly fell The Famoux (The Famoux, pray to themThis book has something for everyone Whether you are starting a company working a normal 9 5 jobarenting Dragons Gap play competitive sports etc the book offers timeless mental models that will not just make you experience A good collection of mental models extracted from various disciplines which if appliedroperly can help broaden one s Bared for Her Bear (Wylde Bears perspective Very similar to Charlie Munger s emphasis on breadth of knowledge and when magic happens when a confluence of factors across a broad spectrum manifest themselves in a lollapalooza effect A few mental models that stood out1 Argue from firstrinciples go back to basics and figure out what are we really trying to solve2 Be aware that your views are being framed by eople around you eg first impressions media3 To avoid ersonal biases or framed The Lone Star Groom: Bachelor Billionaire Romances perspective walk a mile in their shoes try to see from theiroint of view as impartially as ossible using a third erson s view How are we being Crater Trueblood and the Lunar Rescue Company (Helium-3, perceived by the observer4 Learned selflessnesseople stop trying when they believe their efforts just don t cut it any or it s just not worth it any Results in active disengagement 5 Thinking gray the world is not black and white Truly effective leaders are able to see shades of gray inherent in a situation and make wise decisions on how to To Protect His Mate (Wolfe Brothers, proceed 6 Tragedy of the commons free riders stems back to human nature to be selfish and greedy Especially if the specific action does not come with any negative conseuences financial social civic etc Rules and regulations need to be set to draw the line they need to be enforced or else another negative norm is set which will make it harder to unwind Good example on thereschool imposition of Star Wars Rogue Squadron II Rogue Leader Instruction booklet preschool lateick up fines that made it okay to Boom pay for the teachers extra time leading to lateick ups When the fine was removed the numbers didn t recover because a new norm has been set7 Asymmetric information eg Real Estate agent vs buyer8 Goodhart s law when a measure becomes a target it ceases to be a good measure 9 Technical debt in rogramming most coders tend to rioritise short term code fixes over long term well designed ones Over time the debts accumulate to make the code clunky and someone in the future will have to fix the mess Short termism10 Path dependence Sometimes the outcome was decided by a Good Morning, Buddha path taken earlier Trick is to recognizeoints of no return11 Paradox of choice over abundance of choice lead to fear of making suboptimal choices unhappiness Improve design by limiting choice where Personal Delivery possible12 The top idea in your mind mosteople have one or two and their thoughts will drift toward when they re ALLOWED TO NORMALLY THESE ARE THINGS THAT EXCITE THEM to Normally these are things that excite them they are impactful However not many organisations allow time for eople to have their minds drift freely into these top ideas and allow time for eople to have their minds drift freely into these top ideas and them into actions These are the ideas that can move the needle and generate Gettysburgs Battlefield Photographer-William H Tipton passion amongsteople eg Google13 Deep work allow eople to spend time on tackling the really tough things undisturbed Most eople will want to solve roblems they know how Most eople will want to solve Words of Radiance, Part 1 (The Stormlight Archive problems they know how solve These are the Broblems at best In the long run the company will be a B company The A Lauras Summer Ballet (Laura, problems are hard by definition and reuire deep unobstructed work and to be a truly top organisation deep work on top of besteople are needed to solve the really tough roblems14 What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important Dwight Eisenhower 15 Parkinson s law work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion 15 Reframe the roblem to help look at it from different angles The shortcuts can normally be found eg hackers reframe the roblem from How can we best guess your assword to how can we best get your Film on the Left password 16 It s not the most intellectual or strongest of species that survives but the one that is best to adapt to the changing environment17 Don t fight with nature inertia reuires significant amount of activation energy Make sure you have that first 18 Shirkyrinciple institutions will try to Public Policy Making preserve theroblem which they are the solution Reminds me of Ronald Reagan s autobiography where he shared his encounter with unemployment offices discouraging The Artists Way Morning Pages Journal people to take up jobs but to receive their handouts instead bureaucracy s number one objective is toreserve the bureaucracy19 Flywheel a rotating disk that is used to store energy to create momentum20 Homeostasis organism regulates itself around a certain condition similar to organisations regulating itself around a certain metrics or values 21 Technology adoption cycle innovators 25% early adopters 135% early majority 34% late majority 34% laggards 16%22 Metcalfe s law non linear growth in network value when nodes are connected to one another 23 Accept that we are surrounded by chaotic system and adaptability is the key success factor Don t be lulled into a sense of stability and The Mob put effort into creating aerfect system in the stable system that does not exist in the first Gentlemen Prefer Curves (Perfect Fit, places It s okay tolan ahead just be aware that all it takes is a flap of the butterfly s wings to undo the Who Killed Blanche DuBois? plans24 Luck surface area luckyeople are not lucky They tend to spread themselves that covers a wide surface area such that when an opportunity arises they are there25 For any issues you can find Utopia people on both sides with numbers to back up theirosition26 Survivorship bias surveys are filled by O Jogo do Acaso people who care enough to response Eg surviving WW2lanes were analysed and reinforced based on where they were hit the most but realised that these were the The Wedding Day planes that survived and thelaces most hit are the ones that need the least reinforcements because Pilots can survive even when those areas are hit hard27 Bayesian starting from a Firefight (The Reckoners, prior intuition and converge toward the truth Faster butrone to local optimum Freuentist starting from scratch based on cold hard numbers More accurate only if there big enough and diversified sample size 28 Hysteresis system s current state can depend on its history eg T cells that help ower our immune system upon activation would reuire lower threshold to reactivate29 Knowns and unknowns 2x2 matrix Objective is to move as many things it known knowns as You can't really know anything if you just remember isolated facts If the facts don't hang together on a latticework of theory you don't have them in a usable form You've got to have models in your head Charlie Munger investor vice chairman of Berkshire HathawayThe world's greatest roblem solvers forecasters and decision makers all rely on a set of frameworks and shortcuts that help them cut through complexity and separate good ideas from bad ones They're called mental models and you can find them in dense textbooks on sychology hysics economics and Or. .

Ossible Known unknowns get help from others who know unknown knowns get some experience unknown unknowns thought experiments scenario analysis to minimise blind spots30 Beware of groupthink Typically associated to erson with the highest demonstration of confidence able to get their bandwagons going with followers jumping on uickly creating a convergent thinking environment 31 Social norms is Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 285 powerful than market norms Eg one is less likely to want to beaid by neighbours to babysit their kid vs doing them a favour 32 Distributive justice vs Fifty Key British Films procedural justice euity vs euality 33 Strawman opponent misrepresent the issue by associating your argument to something else that s easy to attack and incite emotions34 Loss leader strategy oneroduct is Twentieth-Century Music and Politics priced low to increase the demand for complementaryroducts35 Sometimes the only winning move is not to Gender Inequality in Our Changing World play Not all conflicts need to be tackled head on or resolved Need to be selective else it is going to severely drain your resources36 Generals always fight the last war Successfuleople leaders are where they are because of their Can Government Think? past victories and modus operandi which helped them leapfrog the then status uo Until when they become the status uo37 Organisations hardly ever haveerfect resources nor can they always afford to wait until they have better ones before moving forward Great Fostering Change in Institutions, Environments, and People people are unlikely to be concentrated in a single organisation Successful organisations are successful because righteople are led in the right way38 10x teams or 10x employees Right confluence of factors to lead to superior Regulating Medicines in Europe performance However the output may not be replicated when they switch roles orrojects 39 Creating a 10x team reuires a leader to understand the difference and nuances It goes way beyond just Studying Cities and City Life putting a body on the job but having the right skills attitudeersonalities within the team More often than not large organisations have the tendency to trust their Bi America processes too much thateople feel like they re just a cog in the machine and hence feel disengaged instead of creating a 10x team a 01x team was created40 Three types of East Asia in the World people reuired in differenthases of organisation The Wives of Bath project life cycles commando speed no rules create a beachhead army large numbers to build systems and infrastructures to extend advantageolice enforce rules build stability for growth Having the wrong group at the wrong time can hurt you a lot than helps41 The fox knows many things but the hedgehog knows one big thing Successful businesses were started by hedgehogs having a singular focus to be good at one core idea However for the successful company to survive in the long term they need foxes Hedgehogs tend to have a focused world view whereas foxes tend to be cautious and Wool-Gathering or How I Ended Analysis pragmatic 42 When giving feedbacks with radical candour Being vague and abstract is much easier because it avoids the hard work of identifying specific examples and thesychological stress of debating the nuances around those specifics If you care enough for the Epistemologies of the South person gottaut in the hard work43 Dunning Kruger effect early Security Management part of the learning curve is exciting But it is uickly followed by the reality on how much do you have to learn before you become the expert and finally the satisfying feeling when the expertise is obtained Key is to not give up after the initial euphoria Applies to many things in lifeeople tend to be happier in their youth and old age 44 Self serving bias you re likely to say that your mistakes could not have been The Modern Percussion Revolution predicted and likely to apply hindsight bias to be critical of others45 Being explicit about the cultural norms in a company is one of the most high leverage activities you can do as a leader46 Manager s schedule vs maker s schedule 47 The only way to generate outstanding returns is to be right and contrarian Just being right is not enough but don t be a contrarian for the sake of being a contrarian that s dangerous48 Vision without action is a daydream Action without vision is a nightmare Japaneseroverb 49 OODA loop observe orient decide act Air Force Pilots are trained to go through OODA loops uickly during dogfights where there s no time for analysis 50 Pivoting is difficult because it cuts against organisational inertia involves openly admitting failures and reuires finding a better solution all at the same time51 Only the Making Sense of the Secular paranoid survive Iicked this up for two reasons1 I ve read Gabriel s first book Traction and found it immensely helpful2 I m a big fan of mental models Have read Robert Cialdini Dan Kahnemann Dan Ariely Malcolm Gladwell Richard Thaler a bunch of others including being a regular at Farnam Street though haven t been able to consistently use than a handful of themSo picking a book being ortrayed as a single treasure trove from a a book being ortrayed as a single treasure trove from a author seemed like a no brainer But I d have to say I m not extremely impressed by itFirst of all it s extremely difficult to weave all the mental models into a story like format rather than just listing all of them out I can totally understand the amount of work that must have gone into this to infuse storytelling and make it as relatable as Music, Movies, Meanings, and Markets possible for readers to understand And for that I really appreciate the authors However following were some of the things I didn t like1 I m not sure if all the mental models that were talked about in this are actually mental models in reality Cases inoint barriers to entry exit appeasement technology adoption life cycle etc In my view they re actual literal concepts terms and I m not sure in what respect are they being referred to as mental models2 Given that mental models is still not an extremely The Discourse of Reading Groups prevalent thing and is still finding its roots in the lower echelons of the society generalopulace I think a lot of the common and Angel (Volume 5) predominant mental models covered in the book should have found explanations Case inoint Confirmation biasI mean if I m expected to apply these mental models in my life then surely a couple of Understanding Gender Based Violence paragraphs will not suffice to drive home theoint3 I m not sure how much efforts the authors had Overcoming Global Inequalities put in to de jargonise the concepts I mean at a fewlaces I even found myself who s always interested in the subject just aimlessly slogging through the Mysteries and Legends of Virginia pages to get over it4 I also thinkeople who re new to the world of mental models might find it difficult to get a hold of the concepts in this book because of the above factors Because when you re talking technical not easy to understand things you cannot expect to just touch over them and expect Millie and the American Proposal people to get it5 And surprisingart is even with the lack of the above things I felt the book still was unnecessarily lengthy I mean it took me close to a month to wrap it up which is usually never the case And definitely not for a book of 300 odd The Conquest of a Continent pagesAnd finally not so much as a concern for readers but for authors I think the title of the book is really offutting to the general ublic And it s not my opinion It s What I Observed From The Expressions And I observed from the expressions and of eople when they came to know that I m reading a book called Super Thinking Before starting it I had misgivings about whether Lauren McCann and Gabriel Weinberg s Super Thinking would be worthwhile for me to read This was mainly because I have already studied a lot of mental models from various fields of research and also because it seemed a bit too self helpy for my taste But my best friend bought me a copy so I took it up in order to discuss with himTo its credit Super Thinking is Cooking up a Storm probably the most comprehensive and up to date collectio. You can just read Super Thinking a fun illustrated guide to every mental model you couldossibly need How can mental models help you Well here are just a few examples • If you've ever been overwhelmed by a to do list that's grown too long maybe you need the Eisenhower Decision Matrix to help you I Love Christmas Time (Christmas Books for Children Book 1) prioritize • Use the 5 Whys model to better understandeople's motivations or get to the root cause of a Follow the Stars Home problem • Before concluding that your colleague who messes up yourrojects is out to sabotage you consider Hanlon's Razor for an alternative explanatio.