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Excellent uick history good over view on to Tacitus now Chapters on The Republic and Caesars A solid gateway drug into the amazing and influential world of Roman history culture and daily The Republic and Caesars A solid gateway drug into the amazing and influential world of Roman history culture and daily Not big on details but it has some great anecdotes from primary sources After reading this book I read the complete poems of Catullus and began to read the first Roman novel Satyricon Props to Dr Mark Thorne for using it in his Latin 101 class Not much to say about this one I read it as a reuired part of a semi indepedent course I m doing that mostly revolves around the use of Wheelock s Latin The professor I m

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with recommends as a sort of helpful introduction to the world of the RomansWell he s right in a way If you don t know anything about the Romans prior to reading this you can learn a lot of basic information It s written in a very clean straightforward way and neatly divided into sections covering different topics Unlike other basic introductions it makes a good effort to include information about literature the army cultural beliefs and etc I don t think that books like these deserve much higher than three stars simply because of the lack of comprehensive information But for what it s worth this is a fine if too skimpy introduction with suggested further reading lists that can lead you to better sources once you are done with "this one That being said there s no need to read this if you know the basics Definitely "one That being said there s no need to read this if you know the basics Definitely me a three star book Don t get me wrong I enjoyed this book It was mostly clearly written although some sentences were unnecessarily confusing The chapters were a good length which made it easy to read in digestible chunks As some other reviews have noted there seemed to be some statements made which weren t completely accurate and some uotes taken without reference to context It s always difficult to do these primers and ove. The Romans an introduction 2nd edition is a concise readable and comprehensive survey of the civilization of ancient Rome It covers than 1200 years of political and military history including many of the famous and infamous personalities who featured in them and describes the religions society and daily life of the Romans and their literature art architecture and technology illustrated by extracts in new translations from Latin and Greek authors of the timesThis new. .

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The Romans An IntroductionD the Ancient Romans there are some "Truly Terrible Sword And Sandal Flicks That "terrible sword and sandal flicks that closer to discerning and better familiarize a beginning student with this ancient people despite the horrific inaccuracies penetrating throughout such films Another truly annoying tactic of this author is to drop one of the interesting tidbits in a brutally offhand and arcane fashion and not develop to drop one of the interesting tidbits in a brutally offhand and arcane fashion and not develop any further I leave here 2 examples of all the above criticismsExample 1 Concerning the author Lucretius about whom we know nothing else except the story that he was poisoned by an aphrodisiac went mad wrote poetry in his lucid spells and committed suicide at the age of 44 That Lucretius was mad is unlikely that his great project ultimately proved too my for him is possible Wait What Where does the author learn that he was mad How do we know that it is unlikely he actually was And why does the author in the same paragraph go on talking about the similarity of Lucretius De Rerum Natura to a truly esoteric 19th century author s work Can t we go back to Lucretius or what was written about himExample 2 Yet as one read the fourth satire a ridiculous account of Domitian summoning a council of state to deliberate upon what should be done with a prize turbot which which he has been presented as his due it seems pointed in the light of a report in 1986 of a sturgeon caught in British territorial waterssold to a restauranteur who rememberedan ancient law whereby all sturgeons belonged to the Crownhe offered the fish to Her Majesty the ueen Excuse meI would not advise this book for an Introductory Course in Ancient Rome Yes longer books are daunting but then offering a list of important passages to read can decrease the load I found myself alternatively shaking
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head and my hair out If the exercise was to give up and read another book the author was completely successfu. Cultural traditions There is too on the diversity and administration of the empire at different periods on changes in the army and on significant figures of the middle and later imperial erasNew features include a glossary of Latin terms and timelines Maps have been redrawn and new ones included along with extra illustrations and reading lists have been revised and updated The book now has its own dedicated website packed full of additional resources wwwthe romansco. ,

Rall it wasn t a bad read It filled in some gaps in my understanding of the history of Ancient Rome Clear concise prose reflects a very knowledgeable author Chapters are artfully crafted as individual units and could be read as such A helpful and relatively brief introduction to Roman society and history There were some clarity issues and areas where I thought development was merited but it was generally interesting and effective for what I needed a general overview A really good thought provoking read I was lucky enough to read the newest edition which I ve heard is a lot better than the 2nd edition Unfortunately my class didn t get time to read the Roman Literature section The book is clearly written and easy to understand I didn t use the interactive website that is also available for free a lot but the case studies and extra details were really interesting I love the style of writing and found that it made it a lot easier to read and the comparisons to modern history really emphasized the effect the Roman Empire had on us as a whole Well laid out Gives general information about the government and such at the beginning and overall gives a good idea about everyday lifeI appreciated the many pictures in the book to help make the world seem real As a student of Latin and the Classics I have read extensively on the subject of Ancient Rome and the Ancient Romans before picking up this book as part of a Roman History class I m presently taking through the University of Athabasca distance education Out of all that reading this book stands out as one of the newest and one of the worst reads It is brief but appalling It drops interesting tidbits but the supposedly substantive information "IS SO BIZARRELY CHOSEN THAT EVEN "so bizarrely chosen that even with extensive knowledge of the Romans feel this ancient people have been utterly obscured in this text If you want to understan. Edition contains extensive additional and revised material designed to enhance the value of the book to students especially of classical or Roman civilization Roman history or elementary Latin as well as to general readers and students of other disciplines for whom an understanding of the civilization and literature of Rome is desirable In particular the chapter on religions has been expanded as have the sections on the role of women and on Roman social divisions and.

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