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Ir thirst for vengeance against the institutions that damaged them We hate them All f them is the motto Martian Science Fiction: Scifi Novellas Set on Mars of this bandf brothers damaged them We hate them All The Witches Ball of them is the mottof this band Saving Charmaine: A Heaton Family Friends Series Book of brothers have a code sortf Sometimes they nly kill wrong doers but then they abandon that to knock ff two strippers at their club ne f whom is a Fed plant Vachss has a personal The Deadline obsession with child abuse He is an advocate for children and he has a hatred for those who hurt them Let us all very seriously and without irony applaud him for his very necessary work in this domain That being said shoehorning these things into every damn novel he writes does not make for good fiction Do they have Mary Sues in noir fiction I feel like the author is fantasizing about getting his vengeance upon abusers by imagining himself as Cross These books serve as revenge porn for Vachss and I suppose those who read him as well Don t get me wrong it s a subject that should be addressed again and again but not as clumsily as it is hereThis book also contains somef the weirdest writing about hip hop I have ever came across There is a brief subplot where a character murders a Chicago rapper and Vachss summation f the geography f the rap world East and West they go to the death to prove who s the best Only thing they agree Ready to Restore: The Layman's Guide to Christian Counseling on is there can t be no rest you see the picture I m painting for you sounds like it was written by a Martian Anut Ready to Restore of touchld white Martian And his African American dialogue is eeesh Vachss lives in New York he s a lawyer for troubled and abused kids his wife was a prosecutor he has been around tough and dangerous people And yet his bizarro grimdark underworld characters are lifeless and unbelievable The crimes they commit are pointless and clumsy It s bad Just badI am not certain if it is intentional but there is a sort f science fiction feel to the setting Chicago apparently has a miles deep junkyard that the Cross Crew run as their personal fiefdom why which they roam in their custom Shark Car an armor clad super vehicle painted in urban camo did a five year ld boy write this I guess this shit is from the comic book Whatever it is dumb as hell There is also a real estate scam subplot that is totally uninterestingAll that being said this is a book I just couldn t put down It was so awkward and weird and awful that I enjoyed it People I respect like Vachss so I keep picking him up and I keep failing to be impressed but this ne is awful to an absolutely baroue extent So yeah read it I guess Not a typical VachssI m used to the Burke series which

arcs towards the 
towards the This was a self centered book than I expected Sparsely written and lots f random violence Excellent tale but not the greatest back story Not sure I m a fan Traficada: Diário de uma Escrava Sexual (Portuguese Edition) of this group in the book Andrew Vachss s fans will be delighted with his latest book For those familiar with the Cross series comics and the previous novel Blackjack this new book jumps right back into the familiar harsh worldccupied by Cross and his family Encounter at Buff Ledge: A UFO Case History of choice In addition to some dead aimed lessons about how the mean streets work Vachss includes much longed for sectionsf backstory Carte touristique : Corse Sud : Ajaccio - Bonifacio on the characters and how they came together If it s been a while since you read Jackpot consider revisiting it before you dive into Urban Renewal The plot points matter For those unfamiliar with Vachss s work this is probably not the right place to start Try Haiku That s How I Rollr Aftershock instead Then mov. E you want to go unless you're willing to risk it being the last place you go The crew is notorious for its deadly efficiency and its disinterest in anything but money So why has it. ,

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Urban Renewal is the second installment in a new paperback riginal series riginally conceived as a comic book series for Darkhorse I believe featuring the ulta lethal Cross crew Urban Renewal is originally conceived as a comic book series for Darkhorse I believe featuring the ulta lethal Cross crew Urban Renewal is episodic novel that features a duplicitous stripper the political machinations within a crime syndicate an aspiring pimp urban gangbangers street racers and neo Nazis Fantastic comic book elements combine with gritty urban realism Urban Renewal is an action packed fast paced read r listen I checked out the Dreamscapes audio dramatization My nly complaint is that sometimes the Dreamscapes audio dramatization My nly complaint is that sometimes lines shift too uickly and the book ends with head scratching abruptness Nonetheless I m very much looking forward to the third installment Drawing Dead due ut later this month from Vintage CrimeBlack Lizard Cross and his crew are back and firmly placed in Chicagoalbeit not a Chicago tied to specific streets etc some liberties are taken with geographyUptown plays a recurring part but not my Uptown the public housing high rises are gone and the strip clubs Vinny: Victory Over Drugs, Death, and Degradation on Rush Street disappeared long before the high rises did But none caresAs always Vachss has created a family f choice at the core f which are survivors f severe childhood abuse children drugged tortured and abandoned to at the core f which are survivors Pioneer Jews: A New Life in the Far West of severe childhood abuse children drugged tortured and abandoned to justice system children trained to kill children who were trained as cage fightersall lead by Cross who has a murky back story but clearly had no family and was raised by State institutions All aren the wrong side Eating Thin for Life: Food Secrets Recipes from People Who Have Lost Weight Kept It Off of the law working as urban mercenaries But they are alwaysn the right side f morality at least by their wn code and as we dig into the book that moral code becomes We, the People ours as readersThis series is shaping up a little differently than either the Burke seriesr Aftershock which is soon to add a second volume and this become a third series The Cross books seem not to be as linear Jumping back and forth in time character back stories earlier events the crew was involved in and action among minor characters which happens Single off stage all mean that you need to pay attentionBut in the end juggling all the plot lines is well worth it as Vachss pulls you along page after page to see how the crew is going to survive and hopefully profit from it s latest challenges Sometimes you read a book where you resent every tuppence farthing ha pennyr copper shaving that s in any way transferred from your possession This book is so bad that it is funny The text is mostly dialogue and rarely has stilted and exposition jammed supposedly hard boiled speech been inflicted upon the reading public Every voice in the book sounds like the same foul mouthed five year ld trying to sound tough The plot is scattershot and meandering with pages f backstory inserted simply to explain a throwaway ne line reference Such as it is it concerns the violent pursuits f a gang f super competent criminals run by a cold eyed assassin named Cross Vachss wants us to like this ridiculous broadly painted gaggle f preposterous stereotypes the sueaky voiced huge guy named Rhino Tiger the snarling lipstick lesbian who wanders around with throwing knives strapped to her leg Princess the damaged man child who dresses like a flamboyant gay man in the hopes that someone will gay bash him so he can beat them to death the taciturn Chickasaw named Tracker He really does They are sworn siblings bound together by their history f abuse and the. Chicago the reigning #1 city in homicides has no shortage f deadly gangs And all those gangs know well that the Cross crew Showa, 1939-1944: A History of Japan occupies a cinderblock bunker called Red 71 the last plac. E up to Blackjack and Urban Renewal Vachss expects his readers to work This is not turnff your brain material Vachss gives his readers puzzle piece after puzzle piece and expects them to keep each piece in play until it links with another sometimes far down the line For those with the patience to see it through the completed picture is complex breathtaking and as always educational Vachss s power to evoke righteous The Book Of The Superiority Of Dogs Over Many Of Those Who Wear Clothes outrage hasnly grown ver the years Time after time Urban Renewal challenges the reader to action I don t know the name f the martial art Vachss Practices On His Pages But on his pages but s the grand master without compare He s a tough teacher but he s the best The entire time I was reading Urban Renewal I felt like I was missing something like there was an inside joke I wasn t privy to It s a frustrating read Rescuing a Werewolf one that wanders allver the place with Making Women Pay only the barest sensef cohesion The blurb s misleading and that s the most frustrating thing GloomCookie of all Buying up the houses isnly a minor part f the story There s something in there about manufacturing a turf war another thing about Cross being n someone s shit list and while the beginning scene does eventually get tied into the The Jesuit overall story it takes a while and then the thread gets lost in the muckf this story Oh And let s not forget the unnecessary backstory and the lack f chapters It s like Vachss wants you to read Urban the unnecessary backstory and the lack f chapters It s like Vachss wants you to read Urban in Rim of the Pit one sittingnly I kept putting it down Cross is pretty much a blank canvas and that s You Can Beat the Odds okay I didn t mind the fact the man had little personality It was his thing to be so unremarkable that he s not really a blipn the radar Each f the characters were distinct though Princess drove me a little nuts as did Tiger I would have liked Ace and Tracker The uiet nes are always the Stripes of All Types ones who leave you wonderingCharacters aside Urban Renewal was a mess I was hoping for a taut twisty crime novel Instead I gotthis Whatever this isCopy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review The plots get a little convoluted and difficult to follow at times but the message stays strong clear and constant OK now I m just feeling stupid for continuing to buy and read these I felt like I d already read sectionsf this and I just found parts in Everybody Pays Stories and there may be some f Born Bad Collected Stories here too It s a mosaic novel Those sections are just slotted in having been slightly reworked and I m left looking like a chump paying twice for the same merchandise Disappointing Let s be clear Andrew Vachss prose is addictive He writes lean and mean so minimal that it s practically subliminal He can imply with a single sentence story than Stephen King can fit into an entire chapter His protagonists tend to be hard street smart and deadly if provoked Andrew Vachss books are habit forming You ve been warnedIn this novel Cross is persuaded into real estate An pportunity to make some money uickly grows complex as the problem #of how to make the neighborhood safe enough to be desirable rears its head There are also repercussions from Black Jack # how to make the neighborhood safe enough to be desirable rears its head There are also repercussions from Black Jack previous book in the series We also get a series f flashbacks showing how Cross Ace and Rhino all met As in just about all Vachss novels Family is a strong theme Cross and his teammates may not be related by blood but it doesn t make them any less f a familyGood stuff but possibly not for the faint Baltimore Catechism No. 2 of heart Recommende. Turned from seller to buyer grabbing up housesn a decaying block where Mic manual de campanie electorală only a few holdouts remain Both the cops and the underworld are watching closely but are they thenly nes. Urban Renewal Cross Novels #2
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